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Welcome to GREEN Solar Academy Alumni+. If you are a solar installer who is quality conscious and committed to continuous learning then this programme is for you.

What is Alumni+?

Alumni+ is a programme for GREEN Alumni who are quality conscious and commit to continuous learning. The Alumni+ status is proof that installers have undergone solar training, successfully passed an exam and regularly renew their knowledge in a training or exam. In a transparent directory, attended trainings are listed so that end customers and business partners have a reference point for assessing the quality of a solar company. Additionally, GREEN provides a platform to exchange among installers and conserves and adds to the community’s knowledge.

Our motivation for creating Alumni+

The solar industry has seen incredible growth over the past years. As a training academy and on behalf of our alumni, we are aware of the challenges that this fast-growing industry faces. Many people see opportunities and try to grab their piece of the pie – a development that leads to a growing number of installations of poor quality. With the Alumni+ programme GREEN wants to contribute to protecting end customers and the reputation of our industry. At the same time we reward our alumni for the investment by helping them to position themselves in the market against other solar installers who are taking shortcuts.

How to join the Alumni+ programme?

Becoming part of the Alumni+ programme is easy and only requires 3 steps. After that all you will need to do is renew your Alumni+ status every two years.

“I am joining the programme because it seeks to safeguard the integrity of the solar industry and raise the standard for solar installers”

Lyndsay Cotton, Management Director of LCP Solar and his son David Cotton at an installation in Nelspruit

What are the benefits of Alumni+?

The directory

Listing in the Alumni+ directory on the GREEN Solar Academy website.

Proof of ongoing training efforts

Verified visibility of your training efforts for end customers and potential business partners

Certification and marketing opportunity

Member certificate and right to use the Alumni+ logo in own marketing

Unique networking opportunities

Meeting interesting new contacts through the GREEN Alumni network

Specialised training

Benefit from discounted training and exclusive micro-training by our Technology Partners

Alumni+ specific discounts

Special discounts on GREEN Solar Academy courses

Want to support and join as a sponsor?

A database of reliable installers who acknowledge the relevance of continuous learning is an asset that benefits the whole solar industry. To support the initiative, gold and silver sponsorships are available at R100,000 and R20,000. The gold sponsorship is limited to two sponsors.

Join as a sponsor of Alumni+ today.

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Terms and conditions

  • Alumni+ is only available to companies who have a GREEN Alumni in a leading technical or management position, i.e. people who participated in minimum one GREEN Solar Academy or maxx|solar academy training
  • To join the Alumni+ programme, the person must first complete a GREEN Solar Academy training to become an alumni, then the alumni must have passed one of the two GREEN Online exams (PV Technician or Designer)
  • The membership fee is R950 ex. VAT annually
  • The alumni must renew their status every second year by either taking a GREEN Online exam or participating in a training course