VB Solar
3 Pitsani Road, Kelland johannesburg
VB Solar was established in 2022 and has done already 3 installations all over South Africa.
PV GreenCard Registration
Design, Installation
PV Mounter, SAPVIA PV Assessment

PV Mounter: 3
Solar Business Basics: 5

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Proficient PV*SOL designer, PV GreenCard Registration, PR Eng., Wireman's License
Design, Installation, Part-installation
Solar Business Basics

Solar Business Basics: 10

87 Durban Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa
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PV GreenCard Registration, Wireman's License
Installation, Issuing of PV GreenCards
Financing of PV Systems, SAPVIA PV Assessment

Financing of PV Systems: 9
SAPVIA PV Assessment:3

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