2-day advanced course on planning, installation and O&M of solar battery systems (lithium and lead technology).

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      The Solar Power Designer for PV battery systems is an advanced course on solar storage technology. In the course we ahev a detailed look at battery technology, both lithium and lead, in order to understand better how to select, size and operate storage systems. The second focus lies on the sizing of the storage system: what are determining facors? Which technology is best for which application? How to do a cost calculation?

      It is a theoretical course for PV designer, nevertheless many calculation exercises, interactive elements and use of showcase materials are included to make the training easy to follow and at the same time very effective.

      Target Audience

      The target audience are installers, technicians and engineers who already have experience with solar photovoltaic systems and can tick any of the following boxes:

      • want to learn more about battery technology
      • have experienced problems with battery operation or sizing
      • are not sure how to select the right battery technology and size for storage systems
      • want to be able to choose between lead and lithium technology according application

      Main Topics

      1. Battery technology and function (lithium and lead technology)
      2. Plan the design of battery storage systems for off-grid and grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      3. Design battery storage systems for off-grid and grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      4. Document the design of battery storage


      Basic knowledge on solar PV, gained e.g. in our SuperSolarSchool. Pre-knowledge in the field of battery technology is welcome.