Webinar for SuperSolarSchool aspirants. Get an insight in the world of PV and be prepared for your on-site training.

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      Course objective (Applicability): Get a first idea about the hudge potential of PV.

      Entry Requirements: Approved registration in one GREEN Solar Academy SuperSolarSchool, PV Mounter or Solar Power Designer Course

      Subject: INT02-Introduction to Solar Electricity

      Outline: : History, use of solar energy, solar cells (function, variety, production), solar modules, from solar cell production to PV systems, Solar radiation

      Approach: We start with an introduction followed by 30-45 minute lecture. Afterwards we will have time for questions. We will give you some additional information and learning question to repeat the content of the first module, which we will than discuss during the second online Module “INT02-Introduction to Solar Electricity Part 2” on 15 April 2020.