GREEN Hygiene Protocol | Training during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Documents and Communication procedure

Training during the pandemic

We will perform our trainings and assessments following the governmental guidelines. We have reduced our training group size to keep all participants safe and are implementing measurements to avoid the spreading of Covid-19 during our courses.

Documents provided by GREEN before the training

The GREEN management team drafted a Covid-19 protocol and developed the following forms. Form GHA_GC19-02 and GHA_GC19-04 are general forms, which participants can download here. The downloads below are only templates.

GREEN form GHA_GC19-02 GREEN Covid-19 health screening questionnaire

  • This form is a health check, which you can download here.
  • Every course participant must complete this form in the morning when the training or assessment starts.
  • Complete and bring to the training

GREEN form GHA_GC19-04 GREEN Hygienic regulations

  • This form contains the GREEN Covid hygienic regulations.
  • Every course participant must sign this form before the training or assessment starts.
  • Please read, sign and bring to the training

Compulsory PPE to bring to the trainings

  •        Face mask
  •        Working gloves for the practical exercises and assessment
  •        Own hand sanitizer

Equipment to bring to the trainings

  •        Notebooks and pens (stationary)
  •        Laptop or tablet
  •        Calculator (e.g. smart phone)


  • We will send all forms via E-Mail.
  • We open the training/PV Assessment WhatsApp group for approved participants to share any late updates/developments. You will get the link with an invitation to join the WhatsApp group in the week before the training starts.
  • We may send final information even on the evening before the course/assessment starts and thus ask all participants to check their E-mails frequently.

Please contact us for any further question


Amanda: Tel. +27 (0) 10 312 6724, Whatsapp +27(0) 82 519 8845

Dennis: +233 24 688 3322