Practical Solar Installation Trainings

Our Regular Training Programme

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The GREEN Solar Academy courses are developed to accommodate a variety of qualifications. All trainings are very practical and focused on real-life applications. This kind of training works for business-owners, technicians, engineers as well as sales staff.

The trainings are in general divided in 3 levels:

  • Beginners Level (no entry requirements)
  • Professional Level (entry requirement: participation in the beginners courses)
  • Expert Level (entry requirement: participation in minimum one professional level courses)

Training for Different Levels

The Beginners Level courses are introductory courses. The knowledge provided in the Sunrise Courses helps to establish the basic knowledge needed for the Professional Level courses. At the same time the Sunrise Intermediate Course forms the first 2 days of all professional courses. Thus, all participants of the professional courses have to attend the Sunrise Intermediate Course. We mostly offer the beginners and professional courses together as a package -especially in South Africa. This package we call SuperSolarSchool because it is all you need in one course!

In the Expert Level courses we train in the design of different size PV systems for single and three phase applications. Other than in the professional courses we even train you to use software tools. We also offer 4 week software licenses of selected computer programmes.

GREEN course structure

Solar trainingPV system measuringinteractive trainingPV GreenCard training

Our unique approach

The approach of all training through the GREEN Solar Academy is aimed to be as practical as possible. All courses place considerable emphasis on hands-on exercises to not only teach theoretical knowledge but also involve practical applications. All our courses contain many exercises, discussions and activities to make the learning experience as effective as possible for the participants.

To further increase the practical relevance we offer frequent exchange with the PV industry and keep in touch with all participants in our alumni meetings.

More info about the GREEN network can be found here.