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Looking for the perfect solar training for your staff? then look no further because we are Africa‘s Premier Training Institute on Solar Power and we specialize in solar photovoltaic short courses. At GREEN, we tailor a training solution that exactly fits the client’s requirements. Whether you are looking for training on Grid, Off-Grid systems, or PV farms which is now beginning to spring in the C&I sector of the PV industry, we got you covered.

Based on the type of training required, we can either conduct the training at your own premises as an inhouse training or in our academy, especially if there is a practical aspect of the training. If you have no specific training in mind then, all our regular training courses are also available as in-house trainings.

Being Africa‘s Premier Training Institute on Solar Power we have already offered inhouse and custom trainings in most African countries: Egypt, Somalia, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Germany. We offer basic and advanced trainings for any purpose, e.g. a solar crash course for the sales team or a practical installation training for your new technicians. See our references for details.

inhouse training Somalia

Individual training for solar technicians in Somalia

inhouse solar training

Certificate handover after a custom training of trainers for the giz in Mozambique

Proud group of graduates in Zimbabwe

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    Some of the companies we have trained: