GREEN Solar Academy Partner

Takoradi Technical University

About Takoradi Technical University

The Takoradi Technical University was established in September, 2016, when the Ghanaian government’s created a policy aimed at converting Takoradi Polytechnic, as well as five other Polytechnics, to the status of Technical University. Takoradi Technical University (formerly Takoradi Polytechnic) has been a government institution under the Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education. During this period the institute offered programmes at the Craft and Technician Certificate levels in commercial and technical subjects, awarding Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and City and Guilds of London, United Kingdom. However, in 1990, the Ghana Education Service took over the awards of the above-mentioned certificates.

Currently, Takoradi Technical University has three campuses: Effia Kuma (Takoradi), Butumagyebu (Sekondi) and Akatakyi (Agona-Nkwanta). GREEN Solar Academy has partnered with the campus in Takoradi for numerous projects, including the creation of Solar training, internship and job placement projects.

develoPPP Project

GREEN Solar Academy and Valentin Software have joined forces with Takoradi Technical University in Ghana and KYA-Energy Institute in Togo, with financial backing from Germany’s fund, to implement expert training and job placement opportunities for future PV engineers.

BTech graduates and final-year students will be offered solid and practical professional PV solar training at the new Solar Training Centres to equip them with the essential skills required to enter the job market on graduation.

A job placement programme follows the completion of this training: every graduate is assured of a 3-week internship with a Solar Hub West Africa company.

The seeds of this collaboration were first planted when Dr. Maame Afua Nkrumah, the Dean of International Programmes and External Linkages Office at Takoradi Technical University, met GREEN Solar Academy at WACEE (West African Clean Energy & Environment Trade Fair & Conference) in 2019.

A total of 240 students will be trained over the course of this two-year project, which was signed into agreement in October 2020, and it is predicted that at least 50% of these will go on to secure permanent employment via the job placement programme.

What is the was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) over 20 years ago to foster the involvement of the private sector in areas where business opportunities and development policy initiatives overlap. To this end, BMZ offers financial and technical support for companies that want to do business or have already begun operating in developing and emerging-market countries. The company is responsible for covering at least half of the overall costs.

More than 2 000 development partnerships have been realised with the private sector in more than 100 countries, with investments of over EUR 1.1 billion in sustainable economic development in sectors such as energy, agriculture, education and health.

Tino solutions supplies equipment for develoPPP project

Tino Solutions, a solar wholesaler and installer, has come onboard as the first Ghanaian technology partner of GREEN Solar Academy with its provision of solar components for the Solar Training Centre based at Takoradi Technical University (TTU).

The training centre at TTU was established by solar training provider GREEN Solar Academy in partnership with Valentin Software, KYA-Energy Institute in Togo as well as TTU itself as part of a solar training and job placement programme for B-Tech graduates.

This partnership ensures that course participants are exposed to the latest technology on the market and that all GREEN graduates have direct access to these manufacturers and distributors, ensuring a more connected and informed industry and solidifying GREEN’s reputation as the largest African network of solar installers.

The equipment includes inverters and solar charge controllers from Victron Energy and solar panels from Jinko Solar, both of whom are existing GREEN Technology Partners and regularly provide their latest model components to be used in trainings at various GREEN Solar Academies.

Why renewable energy in Ghana is important

Energy demands in West Africa are increasing as the region moves towards more local production and processing of resources. From an economical and environmental perspective, the only sustainable way to cover these demands is by renewable energy. More and more local companies are emerging to meet this need, and they are all desperately seeking skilled employees.

While there are many electrical engineering graduates in Ghana, they lack the solid and practical professional background that will allow them to be hired by solar companies. Youth unemployment remains undesirably high, at more than 30%.

This collaboration connects graduates, who are now suitably skilled, with industry professionals who are themselves alumni of the GREEN Solar Academy.