This is the Management team

GREEN Solar Academy in Ghana is managed and run by Dennis Wiredu Asare with the help of  Delali Pearce-Kporha who has recently joined our team. between the two of them, they have over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry in Ghana. The secret to our team’s success is to have a small and flexible team of experts and managers.

Team Ghana

Dennis Wiredu Asare

Ghana Academy  Director 

Dennis is the director of GREEN Solar Academy in Ghana. He is an Electrical and Solar PV Energy System Engineering Consultant. He has been in the PV industry since 2011 and is and, an expert in Electrical Power Systems, Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar PV Energy Systems.


Amanda Dzivhani

Customer Relations Manager

Amanda joined the team in 2018. She is mainly responsible for communication with the participants and takes care that all who call or email get the information they need. She has great people and organization skills and takes over big parts of the organization of the training courses.


Team South Africa

Antje Klauss-Vorreiter

Managing Director

Antje has the overview of finances, trainings and coordinates the projects. She is a great networker and pulls all the strings together. Managing teams, creating work schedules and project outlines and acquire capital for ideas are her specialties.

Vivian team GREEN

Vivian Bluemel

Content Director

Vivian manages the content and creativity in the company. She is responsible for technical questions and all kinds of content development, that includes the trainings but also the company’s marketing campaigns and GREEnetwork activities.


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