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Our Trainers in Ghana

Delali has a Masters in Renewable Energy Technologies. He has been in the renewable energy industry for a few years now with an expansive grasp of the energy landscape and a great depth in the renewable energy sector.


Dennis is an Electrical and Solar PV Energy System Engineering Consultant. He has been in the PV industry since 2011 and is and, an expert in Electrical Power Systems, Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar PV Energy Systems.


Our trainer team consists of a diverse mix of people with all kinds of backgrounds. Many with years of experience in solar PV and others that only joined a few years ago. The idea is to create always the best learning experience for our participants. That sometimes means to go into technical detail but very often, like for a beginner course, it means to keep things simple. For every course and skill level, we have the right trainer.

Nevertheless, all GREEN Solar Academy trainers undergo a standardized procedure to be trained before they receive the official trainer accreditation.  Besides technical competence in solar PV we also focus on the ability to use teaching methods and deliver a practical and interesting training course. Learn more about our training of trainers here.

Up to now, our team consists of 2 trainers in Ghana and over 20 trainers across Africa many with impressive backgrounds and skills, and definitely all with a big heart for renewable energy!

Do you also want to become a trainer?

Email us your CV and tell us a bit about you. Who are you and will you be a great PV trainer?