Dennis is an Electrical and Solar PV Energy System Engineering Consultant. He is one of our trainers at the academy in Ghana. He has been in the Solar industry since 2011. 

He has expertise in Electrical Power Systems, Design, Installation & Maintenance of Solar PV Energy Systems (Off-grid, grid-tied and Hybrid solutions), Sustainable Energy Solutions, Energy Efficiency Practices, Energy Auditing, Project Management, and Renewable Energy System Finance and Management. 


  • He also holds a certificate of Project Management and Renewable Energy Finance and Management from the European Centre of Technology
  • MSC student from the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sustainable Energy Management Program.

  • He holds a BSc in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the Regional Maritime University.


  • youth empowerment/engagement
  • Renewable energy
  • renewable energy growth in the country.
  • Green Growth across all parts of the world.
  • Global warming and climate change