The PV GreenCard is a national, standardised hand-over report for roof-top PV installations. Only SAPVIA certified installers are allowed to issue the PV GreenCard. The aim is that from now on every small-to medium-scale Solar PV installation gets a PV GreenCard.

Who can issue the PV GreenCard?

SAPVIA certified installers which successfully passed the PV Installer Assessment

How to become a SAPVIA certified installer?

Participate in the PV Installer Assessment. The Assessment consists of a theoretical and practical part. In order to prepare and gain the necessary knowledge, you can participate in a SAPVIA endorsed PV training. Our SuperSolarschool is one of the SAPVIA endorsed courses.

Who offers SAPVIA PV Installer Assessments?

maxx-solar academy Johannesburg is the first official PV Assessment provider in Johannesburg. If you are an installer and want to do the Assessment, register on our website:

Steps to become a SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer:

If you have any questions, read our SAPVIA PV GreenCard FAQs or contact us directly.