Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the course?

Answer: Each course has a set schedule and timetable. The SuperSolarSchool course is 5 full days. The PV Mounter course is 2 full days. The Solar Power designer course is 3 full days. The PV Sol Design School is 1 full day. The SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment is 1 full day and 1 half day. The GREEN Online exam takes place over a weekend. For course dates please visit our courses page.

How much is the course?

Answer: To stay up to date with all our prices please visit our courses page and select your desired courseAll prices displayed are excluding VAT.

We currently offer three types of discounts on the course. The first discount is the multi-booking discount. This discount is applicable for booking two courses or booking two people for the same course (you will get 10% off the selected course) or if you book three or more courses, or book three or more people for the same course (you will get 15% off the selected course).

The second discount is our alumni discount (10% off the selected course). This discount applies to participants who have completed any of our courses and been added to the GREENetwork.

The third discount is the early bird discount (15% off the selected course). This discount applies to making payment for a course while it is in its early bird period. This discount only applies when you make payment for the course. If you register for the course when it is in early bird, but only make payment after the early bird has expired, the discount will not be applied.

* These discounts are not cumulative and you will receive the best discount available to you when you book a course.

Contact us on for more information.

Which course should I do first?

Answer: In the end this is up to you and your level of PV knowledge. However, if you are new to the PV industry or even if you have been practicing for a short while and need a refresher, GREEN recommends that you start by doing the SuperSolarSchool course. It will give you a strong foundation from which to grow as a PV installer and the course does begin to prepare you for the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment.

If you need a refresher or more practical experience after the SSS, then we recommend that you do the PV Mounter course; it is shorter and only focuses on practical installation. It is also a great refresher course to do before you sign up for the SAPVIA PV Assessment.

The two advanced courses, the Solar Power Designer course and the PV SOL Design School, are more focused on the design aspect of a PV system. These courses can only be done if you have prior experience as an installer or if you have completed the SuperSolarSchool course. In these courses you will be taught how to use the PV*SOL software and apply it to the design and sizing of a PV system. Choose these courses if you are more interested in the design aspect of a PV system.

What is the PV GreenCard?

Answer: The PV GreenCard was developed by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) in conjunction with the German Solar Energy Society (DGS Berlin) and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) to develop a national standardized report. This report is called the PV GreenCard and aims to promote a good standard of quality for Solar PV installations.

A PV GreenCard is not something you get; it is not like a driver’s license or a passport that identifies you as a qualified installer. Rather think of it as a document containing the details of a PV system from A to Z. The South African PV GreenCard is a safety certification that assures a standard of quality for PV (Photovoltaic) installations.

For more information about the PV GreenCard please read our blog post

Is the SAPVIA assessment included in the SSS?

Answer: No. The SAPVIA PV GreenCard assessment is not included in the SuperSolarSchool course. The SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment must be booked separately from the course and can be done on the courses page of GREEN Solar Academy’s website.

What are the requirements for the course?

Answer: There are currently no prerequisites for the beginner courses (SuperSolarSchool and PV Mounter). The main requirement is an understanding of the English language as it is the language we use to teach the course.

If you want to brush up on your high school physics and remind yourself of some of the calculations, you can review our YouTube playlist of refresher videos.

Any prior experience in the PV industry is an advantage and we are currently working on an entry test to gauge your knowledge level so that we can best teach you during the course.

The advanced courses, Solar Power Designer and PV Sol Design School, require that you have a good amount of PV industry experience and we recommend that you do our SuperSolarSchool course beforehand.

Is the course accredited?

Answer: Most of our courses are accredited with The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE). Each course is awarded with a specific number of Continuous Professional Development points (CPD points). The points are awarded as follows:

  • SuperSolarSchool: 5 CPD points
  • Solar Power Designer: 3 CPD points

CPD points are an important part of keeping up-to-date in your profession and we recommend using our courses as a means to stay relevant in the PV industry.

What do you get after the course?

Answer: Each of our courses either awards a certificate of participation or a certificate of approval. The certificates awarded are as follows: The SuperSolarSchool awards a certificate of participation. The PV Mounter awards a certificate of participation. The Solar Power Designer awards a certificate of participation. The SAPVIA PV Assessment awards a certificate of approval.

After you have completed the SAPVIA PV Assessment and passed, you will be added to the PV GreenCard database and registered as a SAPVIA-accredited PV installer. This means you will be able to issue PV GreenCards for any PV system you have installed (with the approval of a qualified electrician). For more information about the PV GreenCard and being a SAPVIA-accredited installer please read our blog post on the subject.

Where are you located?

Answer: GREEN Solar Academy has 10 academies in seven countries around Africa. We currently have four academies in South Africa in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha). We also have academies in Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana and Zimbabwe. For more information on our academies and their locations please visit our locations page.

Due to the nature of the courses we do not accept walk-ins at the academy locations, as the staff are there on a needs basis. We are also not currently accepting walk-ins at our offices in Kelland. If you require more information on GREEN, please feel free to contact us by email.

Can I get sponsorship for the courses?

Answer: At this stage GREEN Solar Academy does not provide its own sponsorship for its course, or find sponsorships for its customers. However, you can get sponsorship from other businesses or individuals to do any of our courses.