New Payment Concept for Zimbabwe

We have a new payment concept for solar training in Zimbabwe, you pay in USD in a Zimbabwean or South African account, below is how the payments work.

Your entry into the solar industry and energy independence with our Solar training courses. All courses are in line with the know-how of the German Solar Energy Society DGS and are tailored to fit the Zimbabwean solar energy market.

Courses on offer

The Sunrise PV Off-Grid

The Sunrise PV Off-Grid is a basic solar training course that introduces its participants to the basics of solar power (photovoltaic), especially concentrating on small-scale off-grid systems.

This course provides the technical knowledge and understanding of Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Participants will get to know electrotechnical basics and the functionality of PV systems including the concept of sizing a small off-grid PV solar home system. The course is designed to equip the participants with the fundamental and relevant knowledge to participate in one of the professional training courses of the GREEN Solar Academy

Who should participate?

  • Staff members of solar companies
  • Entrepreneurs and business founders
  • Electricians
  • Job seekers who want to work in the solar industry

The Solar Power Designer Off-Grid Course

The Solar Power Designer off-grid provides detailed technical knowledge and understanding of Photovoltaic (PV) off-grid systems. Participants will not only learn how the single components work but also how they merge in a system and what is necessary to design a well-balanced off-grid PV system.

Who should participate?

  • Advanced staff members of solar companies
  • Engineers, designers, and project managers of off-grid Systems
  • Generally, interested people who already have experience with PV systems (e.g. Sunrise PV Off-Grid alumni)

GREEN Solar Academy course options.


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