Solar industry and training in Zimbabwe

The solar industry has been on a slow and steady incline in Zimbabwe, despite the recent setback created by hyperinflation. GREEN Solar Academy and its partner Sunergy are eager to catalyse this growth and help the solar industry in Zimbabwe to get back on its feet. To that end we are offering solar training in the form of our SuperSolarSchool course, to help educate and equip solar enthusiasts and create a strong and reliable solar industry.

GREEN and Sunergy have been partners in the solar training industry since 2016 when the solar market in Zimbabwe was in its infancy. And while we had to put pause on our training for a short while, we are eager to get the courses up and running again and become an integral part of the growth and development of the solar industry and the country itself.

Sunergy has been involved in the solar industry for over 10 years and have been successful in building a solar network through their clients during that time. One of their greatest success stories was providing solar power to the Karanda Mission hospital, which suffered from erratic power supply from the grid. Sunergy’s work providing solar power for their operating theatres and surgery has been so successful that the system has been expanded to cover their administrative servers as well.

Zimbabwe has a great opportunity to grow its solar industry because of the combination of being in a high sunshine belt and more than half of the population not having access to power from the grid. To help remedy this situation and help combat the rising problem of bad solar installations in the country GREEN and Sunergy are providing training in the form of the SuperSolarSchool.

During the course participants will learn electrotechnical basics and functionality of PV systems, planning and project management. Participants also learn how to correctly size a PV system according to the client’s requirements. A full day is spent outside with a practical installation.

The advantage of our courses does not end with the course itself, but also in our growing alumni network of solar installers. After participating in one of our courses participants will be able to join this network and utilise it to help grow their business, answer questions, and assist in finding their way through the growing solar industry in Zimbabwe.

We leave you with the top three tips for Zimbabwe solar installers from Sunergy:

  • Do the training,
  • Keep on refreshing oneself with the training,
  • Utilize the alumni network for questions one might have. This also offers the opportunity to interact with people who have experience in solar installation.

If you are interested in participating in our courses, click here to find out more.