The complete end of lockdown may be weeks or even months away, but that has not stopped us from pondering about a positive future and a return to normality. “When this is over”, that’s the thought on everyone’s minds, if not the words on their lips.  We are all looking forward to life after lockdown and this could be reverting back to normal life or better yet back to a new life.

Have you ever given thought to what you would like to do after lockdown is over? Well here’s an idea!

After the lockdown invest your energy and money in something that is going to contribute to your growth, something that your future self will thank you for.  There is no better time like the present to enter the solar energy field because the solar industry is definitely one of the branches that will survive and grow again.

With the Eskom power utility beginning to shutting down its old power plants, the power utility is struggling to supply South Africa with sufficient power. The corona lockdown has given us a break from the power cuts but as soon as the lockdown is over, the industry is getting back to the normal life, and load shedding will be back as well. It has already started.

Those frequent power cuts are costing businesses lots of money and almost all businesses need power. The economy already needs a power boost, and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, our economy will need as much power as possible (mentally, financially and in form of electricity!) to get back into shape.

So far, there is no improvement of the power situation in sight. The Eskom power utility is battling to keep all the units of its biggest operational power plant open after being served with a compliance notice by South Africa’s environment ministry because of its high levels of air pollution.

Solar energy is one simple solution to these many problems: clean and permanent power at utility scale, for the industry, businesses, and private homes. The market is massive and offers many possibilities but most important the Covid-19 pandemic has not decreased the demand at all. All the conditions that make solar energy so attractive still apply. And with more and more people and industries noticing the potential, we can only expect the demand of solar installation staff, maintenance technicians, planners and designers, project managers etc to rise.

So, use the opportunity to begin your post-Covid life with something green, enter a new industry. Let’s use the change in our lives to really change something and leave the crisis stronger than we entered it.

Be a part of the future of our renewable energy world!

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