Tailored and in-house trainings on solar installation

Custom solutions that exactly fit your requirements

If you are looking for the perfect training for your staff, you’ve found it. We offer basic and advanced trainings for any purpose, e.g. a solar crash course for the sales team or practical installation training for your new technicians. All our courses can be customised to your individual needs or we can develop a new course for you from scratch.

Every company is different, and so are its training needs. At GREEN, we tailor a solution that exactly fits the requirements. In our network we have trainers with all kinds of backgrounds, which means that for almost every solar-related topic we have a subject matter expert and can create an individual training. Click here to request your own in-house or custom training.

inhouse training Somalia

Individual training for solar technicians in Somalia

inhouse solar training

Certificate handover after a custom training of trainers for the giz in Mozambique

Proud group of graduates in Zimbabwe

Depending on the type of training selected, sessions can either be conducted at your own premises as in-house training or in one of our academies, especially if practical training is included. Of course, all our regular training courses are also available as in-house training.

It is important to us that all trainings follow our approach of high quality and relevance in practice, and we therefore put a lot of effort into the development of a course. For every course we first put together a syllabus with elements that logically build upon each other and fit together, and we always keep in mind the target group, background, goals and framework. It is no problem to teach a group of electricians only or a mixed group of salespeople, accountants, engineers and technicians in one room – you just need to know how!

The second step is to develop the course materials like slides, exercises, experiments, role plays, etc. and find a balance between a good amount of knowledge and an interactive way of teaching.

training development

Analysing own processes and joint development of a training for City of Tshwane staff interactive training methods

interactive training methods

Training of trainers is always fun; we try out every training method ourselves before doing it with our participants training development stakeholder workshop

training development stakeholder workshop

In a moderated stakeholder workshop Antje investigates on the training demand in the PV industry in Mozambique

We are especially aware that for companies which are just getting started, the expenses of proper training can seem high. So for us it is important that the money clients spend on training is well invested and that you can actually see an outcome. The concept of sustainability not only applies to the content but also to the training! Sustainable training means that knowledge actually sticks and can be actively applied – and not just until the final exam is over.

We have already realised in-house and custom training in Egypt, Somalia, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Germany. Our clients for in-house training come from a variety of sectors, including municipalities, electrical wholesalers and solar companies. See our references for details.

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