Understand the various financing options, tax advantages and cost savings for end clients in South Africa.
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Understand financing options for SSEG (Small-Scale Embedded Generation) PV systems in one day: In the course Financing of PV systems you will learn how to calculate the financial viability of Photovoltaic SSEG systems. The financial viability of a PV system depends on the type of system: off-grid, grid-tied (embedded), grid-tied with battery back up. You will learn how to distinguish between the different PV systems and how to calculate their financial viability. We also introduce you to different financing options, such as private equity, loans and leasing approaches, and discuss the tax advantages.

Most importantly, we equip you with the right questions and arguments to understand and inform your clients.

We make sure that the content presented is hands-on and interactive. We combine the basics with case studies and give you insights into successful financing of PV projects in South Africa.

The course is presented online or onsite. Participants need to have a laptop and an external mouse. A second screen for the online course is highly recommended.

Target Audience

Solar Installation Companies, specifically:

  • Business owners and CEOs
  • Solar engineers and technicians with excellent technical experience but a lack of financial knowledge
  • Salespersons who want to understand the product "PV" and how end clients benefit

Main Topics

The main topics of the course are:

  • Financial viability of SSEG PV systems
  • Differences between the various PV systems
  • Loans (secured and unsecured)
  • Tax advantages, implications of article 12B
  • Revenues and savings – electricity cost comparison Eskom vs PV
  • Cashflow and ROI calculation
  • How to understand and inform your client – what are the right questions and arguments 


Prerequisite is a basic understanding of PV systems. This course is not a technical training, it focuses on the financing of PV systems.

A general interest in financing and first experiences with the topic will be an advantage. Contact us when in doubt about whether this course is right for you.

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