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We are performing our trainings and assessments following the governmental guidelines. We reduced our training group size to keep you safe and will schedule additional courses to accommodate the demand. 
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solar installer course

PV Mounter Course

How to install solar systems: The essentials in a practical 2-day course. Most hands-on way to learn about solar installation.



All about solar in 5 days for beginner & intermediate level, align with the 5-day SAPVIA  Solar PV Installer course for PV GreenCard.

solar installation training

Designer Commercial PV

Masterclass on design and construction of roof-mounted PV systems in the range of 10 to 1000 kWp.

Pass PV Assessment

SAPVIA PV Assessment

Pass the SAPVIA PV Installer Assessment to become a certified PV GreenCard installer.
Theoretical and practical exam.


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This was a very insightful course even being a qualified electrician I learned a lot from this course and our 2 lecturers were excellent in explaining the solar systems and how all the different components function together to the end result in producing ac power. I will gladly refer this course to anyone who want to learn about solar.

- Stefan Olivier, SuperSolarSchool Alumni 2020


GREEN Solar Academy provided an excellent introductory course to solar. Comprehensively covering the process involved in understanding, sizing, designing and installing solar solutions. The course was intensive but well managed by the lecturers. The practical component was great and well balanced with the theoretical. The course gives a good foundation to build upon, and will be put to good use in the developing solar energy transition.

- Simon Roos


Thank you it was very informative and well presented and I look forward to receiving a copy of the presentation as it is worth training my staff.

- John Stroebel, Deltec


Great and empowering course, covers a lot of ground about PV systems from basics to the design. I will recommend it to anyone taking a step into the solar industry. All safety regulations and recommendations are clearly highlighted in this course.

- Macdonald Mapfeka, SuperSolarSchool Alumni 2020


I recommend this course to anyone who's interested in the solar industry. This course is a must if you're are embarking on a career change into Solar. Regulatory implications, design and calculations to be successful in this industry, the lecturers are extremely well verse in their field. Making this course one of the most interesting.

- Jasper Theron


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Ryan Coetsee, Slider 5

I am interested in the renewable energy, and specifically solar. I joined the SuperSolarSchool as it ticked all the boxes for me. It had a very big impact on me, it is a big building block as I am trying to get into the renewable industry. I would recommend the training to anyone that is interested in solar and renewable energy. It's been a fantastic course!

Kudakwashe Mlambo, Slider 4

From my point of view, solar energy is taking over and with the energy crisis in South Africa with all the load shedding going on, I got motivated to learn more about solar system installation. Being the youngest person among all the participants pushed me and gave me more motivation to work harder. All the participants where great and gave me lots of advice. I would recommend electricians and people looking to venture into the solar industry and open businesses.

Ronald Baxter
SANRAL Technical Innovations / 2018 Alumni SuperSolarSchool

Ronald Baxter

I'm from SANRAL Technical Innovation. We are expanding on our road network so we have a few renewable energy sites and therefor we need the best design so myself and two of my colleagues attended the course. And it was really fun! We had workshops and hands-on experiments with the tools. Thank you very much! It was a really well presented course and I really enjoyed it!

Scott Andrew

Scott Andrew, slider 2

I did the Sunrise Intermediate course in 2014. We were a plumbing company and wanted to become a solar company. After 6 months we set up our own operation, paid school fees in the early years, went to China and ended up now using Victron. I am now the biggest seller for Victron equipment in Africa and the second biggest in the world. When I started, the course gave me an understanding in how to approach solar. A tip I give to all the people I get requests from is to take advantage of opportunities at the time!

Fikile Khiva

Fikile Khiva, Slide 1

I highly recommend whoever is interested in solar energy, maybe as a consultant or as a technician or just a project manager. So for me the academy has done a great job, in fact it’s align to my future going forward in terms of business opportunities. Thank you very much!

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5 reasons to sign up for the SuperSolarSchool

November 23rd, 2020|0 Comments

5 reasons to sign up for the SuperSolarSchool Jump right in with SuperSolarSchool The SuperSolarSchool is a 5-day comprehensive training that provides participants with everything they need to know about solar PV. [...]



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Not sure which training to choose? What qualification to get? Call or email us and we’ll talk about it!


Save research time and sign up for a training!

If you are starting your own business, searching for a job in the PV industry or just checking your options, gaining some knowledge is always the first step.


Get free advice now!

Save research time and sign up for a training!

No matter if you are starting your own business, searching for a job in the PV industry or just checking your options, gaining some knowledge is always the first step.


Get free advice now!

Not sure which training to choose? What qualification to get? Call or email us and we’ll talk about it!


Solar Energy on the Rise: Effective Way to Fight Load Shedding

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa. At the moment, the interest in the technology is huge as it provides a cost-effective and easy way to become energy independent. In times of massive load shedding, companies are suffering from the frequent power cuts. But especially small enterprises and shops can benefit from solar energy generation and use it as a simple solution to back-up their offices.

Even before the power crisis, people started to discover the benefits of generating their own electricity and the increasing demand now offers various employment and business development opportunities. With our training courses we create the perfect entry point for anyone who wants to join this new industry.

Getting into the Industry, becoming a Solar Installer

What is important when you are getting started with your business? Or when you are looking for a job in the solar industry? You want to pick up skills as effective and fast as possible.

We offer a 5-day training course, the SuperSolarSchool that provides you with exactly that. It offers an overview of all steps that are relevant for solar installations. You get solid knowledge of all those fields and have a basis to decide what you want to specialise in.

As a next step, you can do further qualifications. For planning and design we have a 3-day advanced course, the Designer for Commercial Size Systems and a 1-day course on software design with PV Sol.

Trusted Training Provider since 2012

Following the approach of the German Solar Energy Society DGS, we started our trainings in South Africa in 2012, still under the name of maxx-solar academy then. Over time, we founded branches also in the neighbouring countries and improved the course programme with every training we offered.

By now, we have created an academy that follows a unique approach. We are working closely with our trainers to develop our courses. The majority of them have their own PV company so we can make sure that the trainings are 100% practice relevant. All training courses have a significant share of practical exercises and combine modern teaching methods with time-efficient learning.

To go even further, we have created Africa’s largest network of PV Installers. In frequent meetings we keep in touch with our graduates and help them to connect with each other and important players in the industry.

Become a Professional PV Installer: Endorsed PV GreenCard Training

PV Installations are not rocket science. Nevertheless, you should know what you are doing and stand out from the masses. Our training courses equip you with the necessary skills and certification.

Our 5-day training course SuperSolarSchool is the official SAPVIA PV GreenCard preparation course. We are also nationally accredited by SAIEE, the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. For attending the SuperSolarSchool you get 4.5 CPD points. The course is also internationally accredited by the German Solar Energy Society DGS.

After the training, you can achieve the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer Qualification by going through an assessment in our assessment centre in Johannesburg. The Assessment centre was established in 2017 as the second centre in the country. Various manufacturers contributed to the equipment of the centre to support the PV GreenCard programme, e.g. IBC Solar, Hellermann Tyton and Resolution Circle.

The PV GreenCard is a voluntary quality assurance programme by SAPVIA, the South African PV Industry Association. Accredited PV GreenCard Installers are allowed to issue PV GreenCards for their PV installations to prove that they follow SAPVIA’S installation guidelines and quality standards. It can be compared to a CoC (Certificate of Compliance) for PV Systems, but on a voluntary basis.

Our trainings are not only trusted by individuals and newly founded businesses, also municipalities and corporates are sending their staff members to get trained and achieve official PV installer certification. For example, we developed a training course for the City of Tshwane to teach their own staff members and trained their staff. We also offered a training for youth funded by the Social Development Fund to introduce them to career opportunities in the solar branch.

The GREEN team also brings in a lot of international experience that they gathered during training courses in Germany and other countries. They realised trainings and projects in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, of which many were executed on behalf of the German Solar Energy Society DGS. The topics were mostly teaching and off-grid and back-up solar technology.

Opportunities in the South African PV Market: PV Experts needed

The energy market in South Africa is in quite an interesting state at the moment. Frequent power failures due to insufficient power generating capacities cause problems all over the country. As a result, it is no wonder that solar PV technology is becoming more and more popular. Especially backup systems, solar systems with battery storage that provide electricity in times of power failure are a popular product. Over the past years, solar energy has proven that it can provide a significant contribution to the country’s energy supply and by now over 94 MW of roof-top solar PV is installed in South Africa.

Nevertheless, it is still a common misunderstanding that solar modules instantly provide load shedding cure. Additionally to the solar modules a battery storage and a special inverter is needed that can create an island grid. These backup systems are mostly used in residential areas. For commercial and utility size usually grid-tied solar systems are installed. Those systems are made to generate electricity to cover a company’s or a city’s power demand from the power of the sun.

For all sectors of solar installations, skilled personnel are needed to meet the increasing demand. The tasks in the solar industry are quite diverse. There is hands-on work for technicians and mounters in the field of installation, commissioning and connecting of solar systems and a high portion of electrical works. Planning and design of PV systems, as well as project and construction site management falls under engineering. After the installation, there is maintenance and monitoring to be done which can also be executed either by technicians. And of course, also marketing and administration staff is needed for solar companies.

In our courses we train all the different kinds of staff together in one class because we think that it is important to know the whole value chain. PV planners must know what is going on on site, even though they are not the ones installing the actual solar system and vice-versa. To specialize in a certain field, we offer advanced level courses, e.g. on installation, software-based design or the planning of commercial size PV.

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As a result of all the experience we have and our unique approach, you can expect a very high level of quality and professionalism in all our training courses. For us, the most important goal is to support your career in the solar industry and make it as easy as possible to find your personal way.

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