GREENetwork – Africa’s largest solar installer network

A network that exists to empower your solar business

You may be new to the PV Solar industry, but you certainly are not going it alone. The solar market in South Africa is huge, so we can happily share knowledge! It was exactly for this purpose that we founded the GREENetwork.

Doing business is hard, even when it is in an industry you’ve known your whole career. So when you made the decision to pivot to solar or include solar energy in your offerings, you might be wondering just HOW you’re going to succeed. Training is the start … but what comes next?

Become a GREEN Alumni and join the GREENetwork. The GREENetwork is South Africa’s largest and most established network of solar companies large and small, distributors, manufacturers and policy makers in the solar industry, and it was established with the sole purpose of growing your business. And you’ll find GREEN Alumni firmly entrenched throughout this network.

What does the GREENetwork do for you?

The GREENetwork was built to benefit YOU. It opens the door to the industry, removes the roadblocks and makes the well-travelled paths clear to newcomers. Let’s explore the ways that the network works for you:

  • It connects you to other installers, especially seasoned professionals, so that you can ask questions and get immediate feedback.
  • It offers opportunities to collaborate, especially on larger projects, so you don’t have to turn away the work.
  • It connects you to global manufacturers and their local wholesalers. Put faces to the names so you can build up those relationships.
  • It enables further skills development by sharing news of product training and discounts at suppliers and webinars on your preferred brands.
  • You qualify for the 10% GREEN Alumni Discount for your PV GreenCard Assessment and further advanced training with GREEN.
  • Newsletters, and exclusive Alumni meetings and events will be your source of the most current news, best practices and trends in the solar industry.
  • It gives you access to work-ready interns from our youth training projects. Help formulate the future of the solar industry by giving these interns a space to work and grow.
  • It’s a place for you to give back to the industry, perhaps even as a mentor to the next generation of technicians and installers.

How do you gain access to the network?

Every person who trains through GREEN Solar Academy and becomes a GREENAlumni has access to this solar network from Day 1. And once you’re in, the sky is the limit – you need to decide how active you want to be and how you will harness all the benefits it offers to connect, collaborate and succeed.


GREENetwork activities

When you join this network there will be lots of ways you can start to get involved. Theses are just a few of the GREENetworking activities that you can learn from, lend a hand to and use to empower your business.

From the Alumni Telegram/WhatsApp groups, which act like a live forum, to the youth training and workplace experience for upskilled youth; there is always something to get involved in or learn from.

The Alumni channels in action…

…no gatekeeping here, only collaboration!

Youth Training

Alumni Events


Alumni Meetings

Trade shows

Product Training

How to use the GREENetwork to your advantage

  1. Do the training and become an alumni
  2. Get added to the network
  3. Get some advice from other installers on how to get started or on product selection
  4. Use the installer hand out and tech partner connections to select your working products
  5. Build a relationship with the manufacturer/wholesale through the GREENetwork connections
  6. Complete a few projects
  7. Stay up to date with industry news and tech through Newsletters and webinars
  8. Identify a skills gap and book further training (with your GREEN Alumni discount)

Become part of South Africa’s largest installer network today