Accreditation Made in Germany

International Accreditation by the German Solar Energy Society DGS

GREEN Solar Academy follows the values and quality standards of the DGS, Germany’s most reputable solar grassroots association

Our courses are accredited by DGS Germany and are internationally recognized. DGS is short for German Solar Energy Society. It is the oldest consumer protection association in Germany, founded in 1975. The DGS has many active members who work on advancing the PV industry, in Germany as well as worldwide.

The main focus of the DGS is education. The DGS has long-term experience in renewable energy training worldwide. DGS has operated the professional education programme DGS SolarSchool since 1996. With the maxx-solar academy, the DGS established a DGS SolarSchool branch in South Africa. GREEN Solar Academy now continues the training as a partner organisation of the DGS.

Visit the German DGS website or subscribe to the German DGS weekly news (German language).

Why German Accreditation?

The solar industry is a global industry which is why, in our opinion, it makes sense to also look left and right and learn from other countries that are at a different developmental stage to South Africa. Germany’s solar market was one of the first ones worldwide to reach a professional level and with 12 GW annual PV capacity built, the country operates on a high level of experience. Even though technologies have deviated by now – Germany is almost 100% a grid-tied market with storage systems only used to boost self-consumption – it remains an important source of expertise.

The accreditation of GREEN by the DGS proves that our training content is current, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and of high quality. Through personal relations to the DGS, our team is able to keep up with South African and global technology advancements and continuously exchange with German PV experts.

In addition to training adults, DGS Thuringia frequently leads “Energy Days” at German schools to ensure the next generation learns about renewable energy in an interactive and memorable way.

DGS together with GREEN Solar Academy has been involved in projects all over Africa providing services that include solar course development, solar training consultancy and project management.