Accredited trainers in all courses

Training of Trainers

What makes a good training course? Besides relevant content, the second major factor is the mode of presentation. Our goal is to deliver excellent trainings, so we pay great attention not only to what’s on the slide but also how it is presented.

All our trainers are carefully selected and trained. They not only possess the technical knowledge but also the ability to transfer that knowledge in an interesting and interactive way, and facilitate and optimise the learning process of every participant.

Practical solar training

Together with the German Solar Energy Society DGS, GREEN Solar Academy has developed a procedure for becoming a GREEN Trainer. The training of trainers consists of 3 steps:

  1. Participation in a GREEN Solar Academy Training (basic and professional level)

Here the trainers-to-be receive the necessary technical skills and see for the first time how GREEN trainings are conducted. If the trainer candidates are completely new to solar energy, they are given homework in the form of the study of additional materials on solar PV. Even if the trainer candidate already has experience in solar installation or design, he/she must take part in the training course to have seen a complete training.

  1. Participation in a Training of Trainers on teaching methodology and use of materials

This part is usually a 1-week training, if not more. Here the trainers-to-be learn about teaching methods, how to make training interesting for the participants, and how to involve them. We show our trainers how to use the materials provided by GREEN Solar Academy in order to assure equally high quality in all our academies.

  1. Teaching Exercise and Shadowing

After sufficient training, the trainer candidate teaches in an actual training course for the first time. An accredited GREEN trainer is present to support the new trainer and give feedback at the end of the session.

GREEN trainer certification

Quality assurance

For all our trainers, we offer an annual Training of Trainers where we top up skills, work on new training courses and integrate new trainers into the existing GREEN trainer community. At GREEN, we frequently review all our trainings and their implementation, as well as the trainers, in order to ensure a consistently high standard in all our academies.

training of trainers

Practical exercise for the trainers

interactive training

Discussion during a Training of Trainers

GREEN training of trainers

The whole trainer group in 2019

Do you want to become a GREEN trainer?

We are always looking for trainers. If you want to pass on solar knowledge, meet interesting new people in the courses and be part of a great trainer team, send us your CV! Ideally, you will have practical experience in the solar industry but a passion for renewable energies is the actual key qualification we are looking for!

For further information please contact us and provide your CV.