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Find here our own off-grid podcast series, podcasts that feature GREEN (in German language!) and down below the podcast versions of a selection of our Alumni Events.

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Off-Grid Podcasts

GREEN recorded a series of podcasts in the frame of our project for the German/Ethiopian NGO ADRA. GREEN CPO Vivian spoke to different industry experts to get in-depth info on off-grid PV topics. The podcasts are part of the eLearning course called PV Off-Grid Technician that GREEN & DGS Thuringia created on behalf of ADRA.

Understanding Renewable Energy
GREEN Solar Academy directors Antje Klauss-Vorreiter and Vivian Bluemel discuss the definition of renewable energy, its uses, possibilities and limitations.

Components of an Off-Grid PV System
Alessio Alario from Phocos (Germany) helps us to understand solar components, and their use and function in different PV systems. Special focus on solar charge controllers and inverters.

Sizing an Off-Grid PV System
Russom Semere from Phaseun (Germany) draws attention to the methods, challenges and common mistakes made in sizing of solar PV systems.

The Importance of Site Assessment
Dave Mathews from Sunergy (Zimbabwe) explains how to identify client needs, what information to document during a site visit and what to consider when planning an off-grid solar PV system.

Installation of Off-Grid PV Systems
Samson Tsegaye from Solar Energy Foundation (Ethiopia) talks us through the installation of an off-grid solar PV system from preparation of the site to commissioning of the plant, what to look out for and what to avoid.

Troubleshooting of Off-Grid PV Systems
Steve Harris from JVS Projects (Zimbabwe) discuss troubleshooting procedures, typical faults and recommended repairs for off-grid PV Systems.

Maintenance and Monitoring
Yonas Workie from Suntransfer Tech PLC (Ethiopia) goes into detail about online monitoring of systems, the physical maintenance challenges posed by remote systems and the involvement of an end user in the system maintenance.

Interviews with our founders

A worldwide shortage of specialists and skilled workers
How do companies find new bright minds? What do you have to look out for if you want to train people abroad yourself? What makes the German dual system so special? And what exactly is a foreign skilled worker? This German podcast episode is dedicated to these questions and presents ways out of the misery. Vivian Blümel and Antje Klauß-Vorreiter were guests speakers.

All about GREEN Solar Academy
In this episode of “Grenzenlos” is all about the GREEN Solar Academy, which is active in the field of solar energy. It all started in Thuringia, but the company is now based in South Africa. One of the current projects is the “West Africa Solar Hub”, a loose association of German companies. And the driving force behind it was a business scout. Antje Klauß-Vorreiter was a guest in this episode.

Alumni Meetings

Attendance of our alumni meetings is exclusively for installers who have completed their solar training with GREEN Solar Academy; if you are curious to know what sort of insider information we share at these gatherings, have a listen to the session recordings:

Intersolar 2023 – GREEN Team Wrap-Up
Intersolar 2023 in Munich, Germany was in a word “MASSIVE”. Fortunately, GREEN CPO Vivian Bluemel and GREEN Trainer Lyndsay Cotton have got plenty more to say about this crown jewel of the international solar industry. Listen as they share their thoughts on the event before a live #GREENalumni audience.

Solar Financing for SSEGs
GREEN CPO Vivian Bluemel and special guest Paige Bowen, Senior RE Analyst at Absa, shed light on basic financial terms and discuss how to navigate feasibility calculations and financing plans for SSEG PV systems.

Low voltage C&I – a lifeline for solar business
If the drastic reduction in loadshedding coupled with cash-strapped residential clients presents an existential threat to your PV business, you’ll want to tune into this session with iseli-energy‘s Lionel Kosny, and discover how low voltage commercial and industrial systems can you put you back into business in an instant.

Let’s talk about Solar & Storage 2024
The 2024 Solar & Storage Live & The Future Energy Show Africa was a serious industry meeting. Missed the show? Didn’t manage to visit all 5 halls? Join GREEN Solar Academy CEO Antje Klauss-Vorreiter and industry experts Daniel Haitzler from IBC Solar, Armand Diedericks from Victron Energy and De Wet Taljaard from SAPVIA, as they unpack the event.