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About the PV GreenCard

About PV GreenCard | How to get it | SuperSolarSchool training | Assessment Procedure | FAQs

The PV GreenCard is an as-built commissioning report capturing system design, performance and equipment information for the Solar PV system. SAPVIA, the South African PV Industry Association, established the industry-led PV GreenCard programme with the goal to promote safety and quality for PV installations.

To achieve this goal, the programme especially focuses on skills development, education of installers and raising awareness of quality among end clients.

What is the PV GreenCard?

Practically, the PV GreenCard is a checklist that installers fill out after completion of the installation and handover to their clients. The PV GreenCard includes detailed information on the type of panels and inverters used, the capacity of the system, installation steps and tests and further useful information.

This detailed documentation helps investors and clients to trust the installer and serves as proof that everything was installed according to SAPVIA’s quality guidelines. Furthermore, structured documentation is very useful when spare parts or repairs are required after a couple of years of operation of the system!

How to get a PV GreenCard

First of all, it is not the installer who gets the PV GreenCard, but the installation. The installer can get the qualification to issue a PV GreenCard. For that, the installer has to participate in an Assessment to prove their installation skills to become A SAPVIA-assessed PV GreenCard installer. Once that happens, the installer can start issuing PV GreenCards. Read more details in our FAQs below or on the PV GreenCard website.

SuperSolarSchool training for PV GreenCard

GREEN Solar Academy has partnered with SAPVIA to make the SuperSolarSchool (SSS) training part of the PV GreenCard initiative, so doing this course is the first step you should take before you sign up for the PV GreenCard assessment.

You can rely on the SSS because it is officially endorsed by SAPVIA as one of the trainings available for you to do before signing up for the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment. The SSS course has been tailored to help you gain all the skill and knowledge you would need to feel confident to take the assessment and excel. However, you need to have practical experience, as the PV Assessment is a competency test for PV Installers.

Completing the SSS course is not required prior to doing the PV GreenCard Assessment, but it is strongly recommended to make sure that you are fully prepared to take the assessment.

PV Assessment

PV GreenCard Assessment Procedure

The PV GreenCard Assessment takes two days and consists of two parts: a Theoretical Assessment and a Practical Assessment. In both parts, the competence of installers to correctly install PV systems is tested and candidates have to attain a minimum of 80%.

The Theoretical Assessment is a written exam. Participants have 3 hours to answer questions on:

  • Electrical  and solar basics
  • Site Assessment
  • Solar PV System Design
  • Solar PV Installation
  • SANS 10142
  • PV System inspection and testing procedure

In the Practical Assessment the participants have to prove their competency in the following fields:

  • Quality installation
  • DC and AC circuits incl. safety components
  • Wiring of distribution board
  • Testing (e.g. Insulation resistance)
  • Material List
  • Workplace safety and PPE
  • Appropriate use of tools and materials
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PV GreenCard FAQs

PV GreenCard installers have successfully proven their competency in installing PV systems that adhere to the latest technical as well as safety standards and regulations. By choosing a PV GreenCard installer, you pave the way towards a high-quality and high-performing PV system.

You can access a database of qualified and verifiable solar PV installers in your area via the PV GreenCard website www.pvgreencard.co.za.

Only Certified PV GreenCard Installation Companies can issue PV GreenCards. The persons within such a company who can issue a PV GreenCard are::

  • A DoEL registered electrician who has also passed the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment OR
  • A PV Installer who has passed the PV GreenCard Assessment together with a DoEL registered electrician. In this case, the electrician does not need to participate in the PV assessment.

Step 1: Join the SuperSolarSchool

The Super Solar School is a one week training developed by DGS (German Solar Energy Society) and aligned with the curriculum of the SAPVIA 5-day Solar PV Installer course. The course is the ideal preparation for the PV GreenCard assessment solar PV assessment.

Step 2: Participate in the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment

The 2-day SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment includes a theoretical as well as a practical assessment where candidates are required to mount PV installations on a simulated roof environment. The purpose of this assessment is primarily to ascertain the competency of installers and vet their abilities in order to gain access to the PV GreenCard quality programme.

Step 3: Register as a SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer

Once you successfully pass the PV GreenCard assessment, your company is eligible to register as a SAPVIA Certified PV GreenCard Installation company. To qualify, the business must employ an assessed PV GreenCard Installer and be registered as an electrical contractor with the DoEL.

The registration form to become a PV GreenCard endorsed service provider can be accessed on the SAPVIA PV GreeCard page.

Certified PV GreenCard Installation Companies will form part of the SAPVIA PV GreenCard online database. Once registered, they will be exposed to potential clients via the search engine on the PV GreenCard website. The PV GreenCard will also comfort the client in your sales communications. With the PV GreenCard, you are able to prove that your installation will adhere to the latest technical as well as safety standards, and regulations.

There are three PV Assessment centres in South Africa:

  • Cape Town, at GREEN Solar Academy operated by Life Choices
  • Ballito, KZN, at GREEN Solar Academy operated by Solarvest
  • Johannesburg, operated by GREEN Solar Academy

All dates for the Assessments in Johannesburg are published on our website