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Different people need different training. GREEN has a course that matches your requirements and gives you the knowledge you need; let us help you find it! Take a shortcut if you know what you want already, otherwise answer a few questions and we’ll suggest a learning path for you.

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Road to solar success

We have put together suggestions for individual learning journeys depending on your level of pre-knowledge and goals. When you click through the questions above you’re directed to the profile that matches you. Otherwise you can also just browse through all and see what resonates with your own plans.

Fast-track to PV GreenCard

You have a technical background and need the PV GreenCard qualification.

Do our 5-day SuperSolarSchool course to gain the knowledge and practical skills required for the PV GreenCard Assessment. After the course, spend time gathering practical experience and studying for the assessment. Then you can book your PV GreenCard Assessment; after passing the assessment, you become a qualified solar installer. The PV GreenCard can be likened to a trade test, so even if you have a technical background, you should take enough time to prepare.

Certified electricians and advanced solar installers who want to be able to advise electricians and check compliance will benefit from the 1-day advanced Compliance for PV Systems training, either before or after undertaking their PV GreenCard Assessment.

Do the self assessment to see if you’re ready for SuperSolarSchool.


Comprehensive PV knowledge that opens doors for further qualifications

You have technical pre-knowledge and want to understand solar PV and develop a solid career.

Our 5-day SuperSolarSchool is the course to start with. It is comprehensive and fast-paced, perfect for people with pre-knowledge. Advanced level courses to specialize in a topic or top up knowledge later are available: choose between the disciplines of design, finance and installation or invest in your career and book all three! And the route to PV GreenCard is also open, but don’t worry, you’ll learn all about it in SuperSolarSchool.

Do the self assessment to see if you’re ready for SuperSolarSchool.


Build your knowledge from scratch with Solar 101

You have no technical pre-knowledge but want to understand solar PV.

Start with our 3-day Solar 101 Course. No pre-knowledge required, the pace is suitable for beginners and we have time for exercises and questions. At the end you will walk out and have a basic technical understanding of what is solar PV. It is possible to add practical training or advanced training later if you want.


Work your way up to PV GreenCard from scratch

You have no technical pre-knowledge but want to become a PV GreenCard installer one day.

Start with our 3-day Solar 101 Course to build a solid foundation. You will get all the foundational knowledge you will need to feel comfortable engaging with solar content. Next you are ready for our 5-day SuperSolarSchool course to gain all the knowledge and practical skills to complete the PV GreenCard Assessment. After the course, get some practical experience. You can add 2-days of extra practical training with the PV Mounter training. Then you can book your PV GreenCard Assessment as a trade test and after passing the assessment, become a qualified solar installer. If you want a training refresher before attempting the PV GreenCard, you can sign up for the 1-day PV GreenCard Prep course.

It might be the long way around, but the skills and confidence you will obtain on completion will make it all worthwhile!

START with SOLAR 101

Learning is not a destination, it is a continuous process.

Kevin Horsley

Advanced courses to complete your skills set

You have gained PV experience already and need advanced level training to get further.

Choose between a specialisation in design, finance or installation – or get instruction in all three:

Designer for Commercial PV systems
Obtain the skills to design, supervise construction of and commission commercial PV systems up to 1 MWp. Includes design with PV*SOL software.


Financing for PV Systems
Learn to calculate the financial viability of SSEG PV systems in one day. We combine the basics with case studies and give you insights into the successful financing of PV projects in South Africa.


PV Mounter
Two days of pure installation practice. Starting with nothing but a wiring chart and material list, we plan and execute the installation together, up to commissioning and testing of the system.


Train large groups of solar assistants

Equip youngsters to work/train under a solar installer, while being useful members of the team.

If you require skills training for groups of youths or matriculants, or groups of persons with no pre-knowledge or who lack practical skills and experience on construction sites, we offer a 4-day training called Solar Assistant. The goal of the training is to equip participants with the basic solar knowledge and skills to be able to work efficiently and safely under supervision on a solar installation site. This course is available on request and is intended for group bookings of between 15 and 36 participants.

You can read more about our tailored training options and the companies we’ve worked with on our website.

Overview of all courses

If you’re still confused what course to do or simply want to get an overview, we’ve included all our trainings in one handy table so that you can easily compare the different offerings:

Course NameDurationLevelAccreditationExamination
Solar 1013 DaysStarterDGS, GREENn.a.
PV Mounter2 DaysStarterDGS, GREEN, SAPVIAGREEN PV Installer Exam
SuperSolarSchool5 DaysIntermediateDGS, SAPVIA (PV Greencard)


GREEN PV Installer Exam

GREEN PV Designer Exam

SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment

PV GreenCard Prep1 DayAdvancedDGS, SAPVIA (PV Greencard)SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment
Financing of PV Systems1 DayAdvancedDGS, GREENn.a.
Commercial System Designer3 DaysAdvancedECSA SAIEE 3 CPD Pointsn.a.
Compliance for PV Systems1 DayAdvancedDGS, GREENn.a.
PV Sol Design School1 DayAdvancedValentin Softwaren.a.

Proper accreditation is just as important as the actual training. We have accredited our solar courses with national and international institutions. Click here to read more about the accreditation of our trainings.

Overview of all exams

Currently there are two types of exams available. The GREEN Online exams and the PV GreenCard Assessment that we offer on behalf of SAPVIA.

Exam NameDurationExam typeQualification
GREEN PV Designer1 weekend (online)Online – Open book, only available for GREEN Alumni“GREEN PV Designer”
Accredited by the German Solar Energy Society DGS
GREEN PV Installer1 weekend (online)Online – Open book, only available for GREEN Alumni“GREEN PV Installer”
Accredited by the German Solar Energy Society DGS
SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment2 days on siteOn Site – Closed book exam

4-hour theoretical exam

1 full day practical installation assessment

SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer
Accredited by SAPVIA under the PV GreenCard programme, widely recognised in the South African PV industry

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