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Principles of PV Systems
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An incredible starter course for students of all ages and experience levels who want to learn more about PV Solar.


PV Off-Grid Technician
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Obtain the skills to size, design, install and provide aftercare for an off-grid solar system according to your client’s unique energy requirements.


The GREEN eLearning Platform

Part of GREEN’s project work in Africa involves developing training courses on various aspects of solar energy for colleges and universities, and then training lecturers in solar energy to be able to teach the content to their own students. The training material was first developed by GREEN together with the DGS (German Solar Energy Society) in the frame of the ADRA Project Green Energy TVET project in Ethiopia.

Use as part of a blended-learning approach
An online course makes solar education available to those in even the remotest of areas. With an online course, only the content developers need to be experts in the subject matter, with lecturers and trainers filling the role of facilitators. In order to reduce the dropout rate of students and to offer the most support, eLearning is most often offered in a blended-learning approach that includes classroom-lectures and on-site practical instruction. Courses are available in English, French and Amharic.

Bridging course for SuperSolarSchool
Principles of PV Systems is a great starting place for everyone who wants to understand solar energy and in South Africa, particularly, would make a suitable bridging course for people who want to complete their PV GreenCard training but have no electrical or solar knowledge.

Content created by African solar experts
Both courses have been developed with input from international product manufacturers as well as African solar experts to create content that is relevant to our climate and conditions, and feature an engaging blend of lectures, videos, podcasts, interactive exercises and self-assessments.

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Value for money

Value for money

I'm 52 years old, I have an N4 and I do installations such as security biometrics, electric fencing and so on. I found the PV Off-Grid Technician course really valuable. I pushed hard to finish the course in one week, as I had taken leave, starting early in the morning and finishing late each evening. The virtual trainer suggested that I create spreadsheets to do calculations based on the formulas I learned as I progressed, and I've now automated a lot of tedious tasks by building these templates.  Neville A, South Africa

The course was SO interesting!

The course was SO interesting!

My background is project management in the banking sector. Then I opened my own business doing smart home- and office-automations, and I felt that I could do solar as well, hence this course. The PV Off-Grid Technician course was SO interesting! I would like to do GREEN's hands-on training next as I want to go for my SAPVIA PV GreenCard, to make sure clients know they can trust me and that I am giving them a good-quality installation.   Lance A, South Africa

Principles of PV Systems

Recommended Notional Hours: 32. FREE online solar course

Are you an absolute beginner where solar power and even electricity are concerned? What forms of energy exist in the world? What does off-grid mean? What are watts, volts and amps and why do they matter? If these are the questions you are asking, then you’ve found the right course! You can work through the easy-to-follow narrated slides at your own pace and we’ve also included downloadable learning guides so that you can read about the topics in more detail to ensure that you fully understand the subject matter. This course also includes podcasts, which are great for learning on-the-go, videos, videos and interactive quizzes, plus a final self-exam where you can test yourself on what you’ve learned during the training.

Course content

  • The different types of renewable energy available and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • How renewable energy is used in your country and elsewhere in the world
  • The basic operating principles of photovoltaics
  • The definition of electrical terms relevant to PV solar
  • The difference between AC and DC power, and the pros and cons of each
  • The components that make up an off-grid PV system and their functions
  • The difference between lead acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • How to identify different PV system configurations, including AC- and DC-coupled

PV Off-Grid Technician

Recommended Notional Hours: 170
Cost: 50 EUROS

In this course, you will build on what you learned in Principles of PV Systems. You will understand the workings of off-grid PV (photovoltaic) solar power and obtain the skills to size, design, install and provide aftercare for an off-grid solar system according to your client’s unique energy requirements. The course developers have strived to infuse the content with practical elements in the form of videos and podcasts but there is no substitution for the real, hands-on thing; our recommendation is that this course is best undertaken in combination with a solar internship to round off your skills.

Course content

  • Types of renewable energy, their advantages and disadvantages
  • The possibilities and limitations of PV solar power
  • The basics of electricity relevant to photovoltaics
  • The components of a PV system and their functions
  • The different PV system configurations
  • How to perform a site survey and how to document your visit
  • How to calculate loads and energy demand
  • How to size the solar array and battery bank
  • The different mounting options for solar modules
  • How to detect, address and document technical problems
  • How to work safer using Personal Protection Equipment
  • What testing should be done when commissioning a system
  • How to do online monitoring and on-site maintenance of a PV system
  • How to market your business and approach clients