Training of Trainers, training development and e-Learning in Ethiopia

Project Green Energy TVET

Short Summary

The programme “Green Energy TVET” is about implementing a training programme for solar installers in Ethiopia. The first project phase included the development of a solar PV curriculum and teaching and learning material for TVET colleges, equipment of training facilities and training of trainers at 4 pilot colleges in 2 regions. In the second project phase, the course was converted into an eLearning offer as a response to Covid.

Context and Scope “Green Energy TVET”

“Green Energy TVET” is a programme of the German NGO ADRA e.V. who together with their Ethiopian counterpart ADRA Ethiopia contributes significantly to the development of a solar training programme and job creation in the solar sector in Ethiopia.

GREEN’s German education partner, the German Solar Energy Society DGS, was contracted to accompany the process of the development of a solar PV curriculum together with the Federal TVET Agency (FTA). The qualification “Solar PV System Installation and Maintenance” has an NTQF accreditation and can be offered as 3-year programme at Ethiopian TVET colleges. DGS/GREEN lead a stakeholder workshop and collaborated with the task force by FTA to develop the Teaching and Learning Material (TTLM). Later also a 3-months short course was derived from the main qualification that provides a quicker entry into the industry for trainees with pre-qualification in the electrical, electronic or mechanical field.

At 4 selected pilot colleges in the regions Oromia and Tigray, DGS/GREEN and its Ethiopian partner Solar Energy Foundation installed each one 5 kWp off-grid PV systems to showcase the technology and power the newly equipped solar workshops.

Vivian Bluemel, Content Director at GREEN, together with Samson Tsegaye and Yonas Workie from Solar Energy Foundation implemented a Training of Trainers in Adama and Mekelle and trained 30 TVET instructors on the topic of solar photovoltaic.

Training of Trainers in Mekelle

Context and Scope “Digital and Online Green Energy TVET”

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ADRA decided to make the newly developed training programme available to a broader audience by offering it as an online course. In collaboration with ADRA Norway, DGS and Zabai, a Norwegian eLearning company were tasked with the development of an eLearning course.

DGS and the GREEN team created a concept for the eLearning conversion and proceeded to develop the content that was then edited and uploaded to the eLearning platform. In total the eLearning consists of:

  • 33 eLearning units (in English and Amharic language)
  • 26 learning videos as practical component (in English and Amharic language)
  • 7 podcasts (in English)
  • 7 exams at the end of each module

The project concluded with a training for the TVET college teachers and a workshop on embedding the course in the existing TVET environment.

ADRA generously granted shared ownership rights for the intellectual property that was developed, so GREEN is able to offer the eLearning on an own platform in Southern Africa as well.

Screengrabs from online portal:

Learning video recording at Phaesun

Podcast recording with Alessio Alario from Phocos

Project partners

ADRA is a global humanitarian organization who delivers relief and development to individuals in more than 118 countries. ADRA is changing the world through Health, Education, Livelihood, and Emergency response efforts. By partnering with local communities, organizations, and governments, ADRA is able to deliver culturally relevant programs and build local capability for sustainable change.

The Stiftung Solarenergie Solar Energy Foundation is an international NGO based in Germany and has been active in Ethiopia since 2005. The Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia (SEF) is a sister NGO of the German organization. The aim of the Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia is to alleviate poverty in developing countries by propagating renewable sources of energy, in particular solar power. It wants to set up a long-term, self-sustainable power supply on the basis of solar energy.



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