• Antje has been working in the PV business since 2003. In 2013 she started heading up the maxx-solar academy and in 2020, she formed the GREEN Solar Academy together with fellow director Vivian Bluemel. Antje has the overview of finances, training and project coordination.

    2020 - Chief Executive Officer of GREEN Solar Academy (Pty) Ltd.

    2013 - Director maxx-solar energy (Pty) Ltd.

    2013 - Manager: International Sales maxx-solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG

    2008 - President of DGS Turingia and Head of the DGS SolarSchool Thuringia

    2005 - 2013 - Vice president German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V.

    1999-2005 - Bauhaus University Weimar, project manager Asia within the international transfer centre Koten Weimar



    2017 Member of the SAPVIA Embedded Generation and Grid Access Subcommittee

    2016 Member of the institute of Business Advisors South Africa

    2016 Train the Trainer (IHK)

    2014 Suggestopedia Training module "moderation"

    2011 Suggestopedia Training module "basics"

    2008 PV Consulting training, DGS Solar(fach)berater

    1999 (environmental) Civil Engineering Degree (Dipl.-Ing., SAQA certified as NQF Level 8)

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    • Project management
    • PV project financing
    • Renewable energy
    • PV basics
    • PV system design
    • Quality management in PV
    • Small PV off-grid systems
  • About Anton

    Anton is our master trainer and director at the KZN Academy. He is the founder and Director of Solarvest, one of the biggest and fastest growing solar equipment suppliers in KZN. He built up the company all by himself and by now has excellent knowledge of installations, PV system selection, components and project management.

    And even though he has enough to do to keep himself busy for a long time, Anton has decided to put aside some time for training to pass on his experience and help grow the industry.


    • Licenced Electrician 
    • S3 Diploma: Electrical Engineering 
    • Outcome based assessment 
  • GREEN Trainer Braulio RochaAbout Braulio

    Braulio is our master trainer at the Academy in Angola. He acquired professional training in solar and wind energy, with a special focus on solar photovoltaic systems. Actually, he was one of the very first participants of the maxx-solar academy in South Africa, GREEN’s predecessor.

    Braulio has more than 8 years of professional experience in the South African energy market, mainly in the design and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial grid-tied systems. He also co-founded and is the manager of the energy consulting company, Gomes Rocha Engenharia in Angola. In the training, he uses his vast experience and has interesting industry insights to share.


    • Renewable Energy Diploma: Solar and Wind Energy 

    • Solar Power Designer and Technician 
    • Electrical Engineering B. Tech: Power Engineering  
  • About Charity
    Charity is a seasoned solar professional with 7+ years of experience, dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation. Her journey spans from hands-on solar instruction and installation at Young Africa Namibia to guiding individuals towards sustainability as a Solar Trainer at GREEN Solar Academy.

    Beyond teaching, Charity's practical experience as a self-employed Solar Installer at CT Solar Solution cc gives her unique insights, enriching her instruction. A bridge between theory and practice, she's a sought-after instructor known for connecting with diverse audiences. Through her expertise, she is actively shaping a more environmentally conscious world.


  • About Ché

    Ché Roberts is someone who has a passion for alternative energy and became involved in solar energy when he completed his SuperSolarSchool and PV GreenCard Assessment at GREEN Solar Academy 5 years ago. From there, he worked on a number of small rural development projects with regards to solar installations and then started his own small scale solar company called Solventure Africa based solely on word of mouth! Solventure Africa focuses primarily on residential installations in the Cape Town's southern suburbs.

  • About Dave

    Dave Mathews is a dynamic professional with a successful corporate background who seamlessly transitioned to the world of photovoltaics (PV) over the last 6 years. His longstanding commitment to sustainable energy has driven his career. Notably, Dave established the pioneering GREEN Solar Academy Zimbabwe, launching the inaugural Sunrise Intermediate course and igniting solar education in the region. He's achieved excellence through rigorous training, including completing GREEN Solar's comprehensive "Train the Trainer" program.

    In 2013, Dave solidified a pivotal partnership significant step toward establishing the GREEN Solar Academy Zimbabwe. Additionally, as a visionary co-founder of Sunergy (Pvt) Limited in 2011, Dave laid the groundwork for a lasting impact on the renewable energy sector.

    With a wealth of experience and a nurtured passion, Dave Mathews embodies a dedicated trainer who imparts knowledge and shapes the future of sustainable energy.


    2016 – Accredited as a GREEN Solar Academy  trainer

  • About Delali

    Delali is our master trainer at the Academy in Ghana. He has extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and has an expansive grasp of the energy landscape and a great in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy sector. His strengths are calculations and planning, naturally, he is an advanced user of PV SOL, Valentin Software’s PV simulation software.

    Delali is never afraid of the tough questions and enjoys to challenge himself and his training participants!


    • Bachelor of Science: Chemistry 
    • Master of Science: in Renewable Energy Technologies 
    • Design and installation of grid-connected solar PV systems training 
    • Energy efficiency management 
  • About Dennis

    Dennis is our master trainer in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. His professional training experience of more than 30 years is complemented by the fact that he is also the owner of a solar installation company. This combination gives him an enviable practical understanding of the subject matter, and the challenges and opportunities within the solar industry.

    Despite being an expert who is currently pursuing a PhD in PV yield, Dennis believes in creating an inclusive learning environment where participants feel comfortable asking questions, sharing their experiences, and actively participating in hands-on activities. His ability to simplify complex concepts, coupled with his practical examples and real-world case studies, ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of solar energy systems and their applications.


    • Masters degree in electrical and electronics engineering
    • Postcgraduate qualification in Education
    • Qualifications in Process Automation and Control
  • About Dennis

    Dennis is our trainer and director at the Academy in Ghana. He is an electrical and solar PV energy system engineering consultant. He has been in the Solar Industry since 2011 and has expertise in electrical power systems, design, installation & maintenance of solar PV energy systems, energy auditing, renewable energy system finance & management, and project management.

    As a universal genius, he teaches very practically and can give valuable insights into the different stages of PV projects. Students as well as fully-grown professionals enjoy his easy way of teaching, and he never forgets to add some humour -even going through the most complicated topics.


    • Project Management 
    • Renewable Finance and Management 
    • Master of Science:(University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sustainable Energy Management Program 
    • Bachelor of ScienceElectrical/Electronic Engineering 
  • Dr. Matthias Klauss has more than 10 years of experience in planning and construction of photovoltaic (PV) systems ranging in size from 1 kWp to 20 MWp. He was our first master trainer and trained most of the maxx trainers. Since 2012 his work focuses on the site management of utility size PV projects in Europe, Africa and Australia.

    2011 - one of the 4 directors of the PV engineering company g2kv GmbH

    2010 - German RAL Quality Control Association for Solar Energy Systems

    2008 - Vice-President of DGS Turingia and master trainer of the DGS SolarSchool Thuringia

    2004 - CEO of the renewable engineering and consulting company BioVAG GbR

    1999-2005 - Bauhaus University Weimar, lecturer and project manager


    2004 - Enginnering phD in the field of waste management

    2000 (environmental) civil engineering  degree (Dipl.-Ing., equals SAQA NQF Level 8)


    • PV Basics
    • PV system installation
    • PV system design
    • Quality assurance
    • Management of PV systems
    • Consulting
    • Utility size PV

    See more on Matthias's linked in profile.

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