About Dave

Dave Mathews is a dynamic professional with a successful corporate background who seamlessly transitioned to the world of photovoltaics (PV) over the last 6 years. His longstanding commitment to sustainable energy has driven his career. Notably, Dave established the pioneering GREEN Solar Academy Zimbabwe, launching the inaugural Sunrise Intermediate course and igniting solar education in the region. He's achieved excellence through rigorous training, including completing GREEN Solar's comprehensive "Train the Trainer" program.

In 2013, Dave solidified a pivotal partnership significant step toward establishing the GREEN Solar Academy Zimbabwe. Additionally, as a visionary co-founder of Sunergy (Pvt) Limited in 2011, Dave laid the groundwork for a lasting impact on the renewable energy sector.

With a wealth of experience and a nurtured passion, Dave Mathews embodies a dedicated trainer who imparts knowledge and shapes the future of sustainable energy.


2016 – Accredited as a GREEN Solar Academy  trainer