The solar industry is ripe for exponential growth in the Eastern Cape and GREEN Solar Academy, along with our partner Genergy, are excited to catalyse this solar growth and empowerment in the Eastern Cape. Towards the end of 2020, GREEN Solar Academy began a partnership with Genergy, a renewable energies company focused on solar in the Eastern Cape.

Genergy has been an active member of the solar community for more than a decade and have been dedicated to bringing the industry forward in the Eastern Cape. They are committed to educating installers to help improve the solar industry in the province, to help grow the industry and make a difference. This led Genergy to join the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Skills Development Committee in an effort to get involved in improving the Eastern Cape solar industry.

Genergy had been offering PV GreenCard training in P.E. since 2017 and were connected to GREEN through the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Skills Development Committee. Genergy and GREEN saw their mutual interest in professionalising the solar industry in the Eastern Cape and decided to work together to this end. The companies got in touch and decided to expand the training on offer and open the third GREEN Solar Academy branch in South Africa, in P.E. This resulted in a fantastic combination of Genergy’s decade of experience with the high quality of GREEN’s training content.

The advantages of working with a renewable energies company, like Genergy, to provide solar training are great. Dion Lückoff, a business developer at Genergy, says, “The Solar PV market is so competitive, but the cake is just so big – everyone is competing for a bigger slice of the cake”. It is exceptional that such a large and successful company wants to share their knowledge, grow and share the market. By connecting our training participants with trainers who have real world experience in the solar industry GREEN can provide in-depth and effective training that prepares the participants for the real-world.

In addition to our SuperSolarSchool course, in 2021 we plan to offer two more of our courses. The 2-day hands-on installation course, the PV Mounter, and the 3-day solar design course, the Solar Power Designer course. We also want to open a SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment centre in Port Elizabeth so that participants do not have to travel to Cape Town or Johannesburg to complete the assessment.

With the practical experience of the Genergy trainers and the training expertise of GREEN, we have the best foundation for exceptional solar training in P.E.!