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    5 days, Mon 9:00 AM - Fri 5:00 PM
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    Master the sun in one week: The SuperSolarSchool provides you with everything you need to know about solar PV. In the 5 days of training all important topics are covered. In every session, we set a strong focus on practical application. You learn about electrotechnical basics and functionality of PV systems, how to install systems correctly according to international standards and how to plan and manage and sell a project and size the system including the battery pack according the client’s requirements.

    Interactive exercises and involvement of the participants make the course content easy to understand and interesting to follow. Lecturers with practical experience connect you with the industry, so it is the ideal course if you want a flying start in solar photovoltaics.

    The Super Solar School was developed together with the DGS (German Solar Energy Society) and align with the curriculum of the SAPVIA 5-day Solar PV Installer course. The course is the ideal preparation and recommended course before doing the SAPVIA PV GreenCard PV assessment.



    Target Audience

    Everyone who wants a flying start in solar photovoltaics:

    • Solar Newcomers
    • Employees of solar companies (sales, management and technical staff)
    • Entrepreneurs and business founders
    • Electricians and electrical engineers
    • Professionals looking for continuing training with minimum time expenditure
    • Installers who are looking for PV GREENCARD qualification

    Main Topics

    Day 1 and 2:

    • Electro technical basics (series, parallel connection, current, voltage and their influence on yields, I-V-characteristic curve)
    • PV system concepts   (stand-alone, grid-tied, back-up)
    • PV system components (incl. batteries), reading of data sheets
    • Basics of grid-tied PV system installation

    Day 3:

    • Site preparation, tools and equipment,
    • Practical installation of a grid-tied PV system incl. commissioning 
    • Post installation (routine inspection, data capturing, trouble shooting, operation and maintenance).

    Day 4 and 5:

    • Project management (timeline, laws and regulation, procedures) 
    • Site survey and on-site inspection
    • Planning and design of grid-tied PV systems (with and without battery storage), calculation of roof-top PV systems with and without simulation programs (4 week software license PV Sol Premium included), extension of grid-tied systems to back-up systems, fault finding and quality assurance (e.g. RAL GZ 966)
    • Sales, marketing and customer consultation



    • 5 CPD credits by SAIEE
    • SAPVIA endorsed PV GreenCard Training course (preparation for the SAPVIA PV Assessment)
    • International accreditation by the German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V.



    The course is open to all participants who want to gain knowledge in solar PV. Maths skills on matric level are recommended to be able to follow the course.

    What participants say about our trainings


    Ryan Coetsee, Slider 5

    I am interested in the renewable energy, and specifically solar. I joined the SuperSolarSchool as it ticked all the boxes for me. It had a very big impact on me, it is a big building block as I am trying to get into the renewable industry. I would recommend the training to anyone that is interested in solar and renewable energy. It's been a fantastic course!

    Kudakwashe Mlambo, Slider 4

    From my point of view, solar energy is taking over and with the energy crisis in South Africa with all the load shedding going on, I got motivated to learn more about solar system installation. Being the youngest person among all the participants pushed me and gave me more motivation to work harder. All the participants where great and gave me lots of advice. I would recommend electricians and people looking to venture into the solar industry and open businesses.

    Ronald Baxter
    SANRAL Technical Innovations / 2018 Alumni SuperSolarSchool

    Ronald Baxter

    I'm from SANRAL Technical Innovation. We are expanding on our road network so we have a few renewable energy sites and therefor we need the best design so myself and two of my colleagues attended the course. And it was really fun! We had workshops and hands-on experiments with the tools. Thank you very much! It was a really well presented course and I really enjoyed it!

    Scott Andrew

    Scott Andrew, slider 2

    I did the Sunrise Intermediate course in 2014. We were a plumbing company and wanted to become a solar company. After 6 months we set up our own operation, paid school fees in the early years, went to China and ended up now using Victron. I am now the biggest seller for Victron equipment in Africa and the second biggest in the world. When I started, the course gave me an understanding in how to approach solar. A tip I give to all the people I get requests from is to take advantage of opportunities at the time!

    Fikile Khiva

    Fikile Khiva, Slide 1

    I highly recommend whoever is interested in solar energy, maybe as a consultant or as a technician or just a project manager. So for me the academy has done a great job, in fact it’s align to my future going forward in terms of business opportunities. Thank you very much!

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    Get free advice now!

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