Understand SANS10142-1 and other regulations for PV Installations

  • Explore wiring regulations and how they relate to PV
  • Learn from PV industry professionals
  • Work with real installations and PV systems set up at the academy
  • Get to grips with SANS 10142-1 in PV

Calling all electricians: GREEN Solar Academy will offers training to help you understand SANS10142-1 and other regulations as they apply to PV installations in practice.

The course trainers are themselves certified electricians with installation and training experience, and they know that interpretation of the guidelines is not always straightforward, and that practical implementation of compliance can be a challenge.

In this 1-day training at our Jo’burg academy, participants will examine the guidelines and apply them to real-life installations. The goal of the course is to comprehend the core principles and find practical solutions to install PV systems safely and still be compliant.

The topics covered are:

  • Overview of relevant standards for PV installations
  • Exercise on compliant system sizing
  • Wiring in practice including an inspection of a compliant installation
  • Commissioning procedures and testing (string voltage and polarity, insulation resistance, bonding resistance, earth-neutral test, anti-islanding test)

This is an advanced course and a very specialised topic. Participants should have either an electrical background (certified electricians, electrical engineers with practical experience) or be solar installers with site experience. GREEN further recommends that attendees have also participated in our 5-day SuperSolarSchool, the PV GreenCard training endorsed by SAPVIA, to ensure adequate pre-knowledge of PV solar.

Advanced solar installers who want to be able to advise electricians and check compliance are welcome to attend this training; however, we always stress that only certified electricians are allowed to work on DB boards. Our training does not enable non-certified persons to carry out any tasks that exceed their qualification.

Cost is R3 950 ex VAT pp. Visit Compliance for PV Systems to register, or contact GREEN Solar Academy on +27 (0) 10 312 6724 or info@solar-training.org for more information.