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    2 days, Fri 6:00 PM CAT - Sun 6:00 PM CAT
    • R600.00 excl. VAT
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    GREEN PV Designer

    Successful participation in the GREEN PV Designer Exam qualifies you to become a GREEN PV Designer. This qualification is especially relevant when you want to work on the design of PV systems.

    This exam tests your knowledge of the electrical and performance properties of solar panels and inverters, and puts your load sizing and system layout skills to the test. It tests topics taught on Day 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the SuperSolarSchool.

    You will answer questions on:

    • Solar radiation
    • Different solar PV module technologies
    • The definition of strings and arrays
    • How to establish the Voc and Isc of a solar module; you will be required to reproduce the IV curve showing the MPP
    • Differences between grid-tied and standalone inverters, as well as inverter-PV generator ratios
    • Calculating the size of a system based on the customer's location, load profile and useage patterns
    • Selecting the right components for your system, with a focus on mounting considerations when installing on a flat roof


    The exam paper is sent to participants as a pdf. Participants are free to answer questions in the way that suits them best. Print it out, fill it in, scan it and send it back to us, complete the document digitally in MS Word.

    The idea of the exam is to apply the knowledge gained during the courses and while working in the field. This should give you good feedback about where you stand when it comes to PV; at the same time, the exam should ensure your expertise and knowledge and show you where you have potential gaps you need to work on in future.


    • The exam usually takes place the weekend after a SuperSolarSchool
    • Registration must be completed 2 weeks before the exam by making a payment


    • Exam:
    • Friday, 6pm we will send you the exam by email
    • Sunday, 6pm you will send the exam back to bookings@solar-training.org
    • Participants have the entire weekend to answer the questions, but it should not take you more than 2 hours in total.

    What are you allowed to use during the exam?
    Anything from books, PC, calculators, your training material.


    Available exams:
    GREEN PV Installer and GREEN PV Designer. SuperSolarSchool participants can either choose between the two exams or take both at once (recommended).

    You will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued by GREEN and the German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V. if you pass (>70%).

    Fee: R684 (R600 excl. VAT) per exam, 10% discount if you book two exams.


    Participation in our Solar Power Designer for Commercial PV systems or SuperSolarSchool.