The Sunrise course introduces its participants to the basics of solar power (photovoltaic) and provides them with a foundational understanding of the industry.

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The Sunrise course provides the technical knowledge and understanding of solar power systems. The participants will get an introduction in the electro-technical basics and the functionality of PV systems and PV components. This course focuses on equipping the participants with the fundamental and relevant knowledge to understand solar PV and is the foundational step in pursing a specialisation in PV systems in an advanced level course.

Target Audience

Everyone who is interested in taking their first steps in the PV industry: 

  • Administration and marketing personnel in PV companies 
  • Energy consultants 
  • Marketing administration and management personnel in PV companies  
  • Electrical engineers and architects 
  • Technicians, electricians and installers 
  • University students studying within the field

Main Topics

Day 1: 

  • Introduction to solar components
  • Basics of solar electricity
  • Types of PV systems 
  • What influences yield

Day 2: 

  • PV system components and data sheets 
  • Renewable energy situation (intro)
  • Different mounting systems 
  • Economic efficiency 
  • Career options and qualifications for PV installers