A free online e-learning course in the foundations of PV solar power. This is an ideal bridging course for those who feel that the pace of the SuperSolarSchool may be too advanced for beginners. Participants can work through the course material at their own pace.

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  • Elearning
    • PD hours: 32
    Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)
    • Free


The modules in this course were realised through the collaboration of experts in the online learning and PV solar power sectors. Work your way through 2 Podcasts, 8 Webinars and 1 Mini Exam to develop a solid understanding of PV solar power and electricity in general.

Participants with no prior knowledge of PV solar power will often complete this e-learning course prior to attending the 5-Day SuperSolarSchool at an academy of their choice.


None. Anyone who is interested can sign up for this course.

To further your theoretical basics and knowledge on PV system components, design and planning, and to practice the practical, hands-on installation of solar panels, we recommend you follow up with our SuperSolarSchool.

Main Topics

  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Basics of PV Technology
  • PV Connections
  • AC and DC Appliances
  • PV Components
  • System Configurations
  • PV Off-Grid System Components