GREEN Internship Programme

GREEN is launching an internship programme! Training is only the first step towards finding a job in the solar industry, so we are going a step further and offering practical experience alongside training on the job by teaming up with a GREEN Alumni company. We are piloting the programme with Peak Power Solutions and offer the first internship opportunity from September 2021.

This opportunity is exclusive to GREEN Solar Academy alumni who have completed the SuperSolarSchool and passed at least one of our online exams. Applicants will need to commit to a period of up to 1 year in an internship capacity, with up to 6 months’ probation period.

What do you get?
• An internship opportunity for a solar installer with a well-established company in Pretoria
• Practical experience installing PV solar systems for a professional operation
• Up to 1 year paid internship with 6 months’ probation period and the potential to be offered a permanent position
• Guidance and support with your personal development as a qualified PV installer

What are your primary responsibilities?
• Mechanical/structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment
• Assembly of mounting hardware
• Attic work in homes and businesses to verify structural attachment
• Working on residential and commercial rooftops as well as installing ground-mounted systems
• Monitoring inventory for specific projects
• Following layout of solar modules
• Attend mandatory training sessions on new products, methodology and safety
• Perform PV system service as required
• Assist with commissioning of inverters

What should you bring?
• Completion of GREEN Solar Academy SuperSolarSchool
• Attaining a good pass in either the GREEN Solar Designer or GREEN Solar Installer online exam, or both.
• Commitment to a period of up to 1 year in an internship capacity
• Motivation to work in a team, to listen, learn, and actively communicate
• Desire to learn and master all aspects of installing solar PV systems!


You will need to include:
• your CV
• the results of your GREEN Solar Academy online exam/s
• Statements of 200 characters MAX to motivate your suitability for this internship position. The statements must answer the questions:
• What are your short-term goals? What are your long-term goals?
• What skills and value will you add that fellow applicants cannot?

Contact person in case of questions:
Alex Hattingh
+27 (0) 21 012 5839