Sales guru Zig Ziglar famously said,

“I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.”

So what do you do if you don’t like dealing with people? It’s simple! Look to the demographic who does, and who are naturally inclined towards interacting with others – the women in your networks.

We at GREEN call women solar’s HIDDEN GEMS and each Women’s Month, we set out sights on attracting more of these HIDDEN GEMS to pursue a career in solar energy.

By and large, it is women who enjoy, and excel at, the softer skill of communicating with customers efficiently.

It is said that the actual product is only a small part of what you’re selling; the rest is an intangible feeling. The engineer who designed the solar system knows that he’s using premium products and is confident that all the performance curves are hitting just the right spots on the graph but how does he translate this into language that the customer understands?

Women have an extremely pro-social agenda and employ reciprocal (asking questions) and collaborative (“we will achieve this together”) language. They will listen to customer concerns and questions that go beyond the facts and figures, and take the time to ensure the end-user truly grasps the scope and limitations of their system, managing expectations for a more pleasing outcome.

get into the solar industry

It is this innate ability to engage with the customer at all stages of their project, from the initial consult to the time on site to receiving and actioning feedback after the installation that is going to result in a satisfied client.

What is more, men and women approach problems differently; by having a range of viewpoints and perspectives, you give your company the edge by having more solutions to the challenges that arise in a typical day.

So, are we talking about taking on women to get stuck into the physical wiring of a system and attaching of modules on the roof? Sure, if that is the candidate’s forte and she loves the idea of working outdoors; we’ve seen teams composed entirely of women tackling impressive solar installations!

But we’re also talking about the women who are qualified engineers to do the design of your systems or components, or females who are already excelling in their chosen profession of sales or marketing or finance and would be an asset to your solar business. And all they would need to be properly onboarded is professional training, to better understand the products and services your company offers, and better translate its benefits to your clients.

(As an aside, quality training of all employees, be they female or male, can save solar companies money by eliminating the majority of additional site visits required to correct installation errors.)

Our Solar 101 is designed specifically for people without a technical background and is suitable for those who will eventually go on to do their PV GreenCard as well as those who just need the proper foundational solar training for SA’s PV landscape.

Perhaps you’re reading this article as someone seeking to explore a career in solar energy? Well, you don’t have to know everything about how solar systems work to land an entry-level job. But the more you know, the better your chances! Don’t know what an inverter is? How about photovoltaics or net metering? Our Solar 101 course has been crafted to give you exactly that information!

This Women’s Month, GREEN Solar Academy is making it easier to send the hidden gems in your circles for the right solar training to get them up to speed and get your whole company speaking the same language. We’re giving all women who book any 2022 training 15% OFF the price AND we’ll also give 15% OFF to anyone who books along with them!

Need more info? Use our course guide to find out which training meets your current needs and experience level, or contact GREEN Solar Academy on +27 (0) 10 312 6724 or

Want to meet us face to face? Come along to the Solar Show at Sandton Conference Centre from 23 to 24 August. You’ll find us We’ll be painting the expo GREEN at stand B82.

Women get 15% OFF any 2022 training booked and paid for by 31 August 2022. We’re also giving 15% OFF to anyone who books along with them!