Intersolar Europe review with all 2023 PV trends

Intersolar in June 2023 left attendees in awe with its massive scale and impressive display of solar technology, innovation, and knowledge. The event featured 17 halls filled to the brim with exhibitors from across the globe, offering a wide range of solar solutions. The GREEN team trainers and academy managers from Johannesburg, KZN, Ethiopia, and Ghana had the privilege of attending, diving right into the bustling event, and returning with valuable insights and experiences to share. 

Unveiling the Spectacular Display of Solar Technology and Innovations

The event boasted the presence of well-known players in the solar industry, including IBC, Victron, Fronius, and Krannich, who showcased their standout products and offerings. Huawei made a significant impact by booking an entire hall to display its extensive range of distributors and brands. However, the event was not limited to established names, and the numerous exhibitors included EV charging providers, system integrators, solar manufacturers, and production-line manufacturers.

One notable trend observed was the emphasis on energy management solutions for the European market, particularly focusing on the efficient utilisation of solar energy in batteries during periods of low sunlight. Another prominent theme was the widespread integration of solar panels into everyday objects, such as building-integrated PV systems like solar doors and windows. This expansion beyond traditional rooftop panels indicates the mainstream acceptance and practicality of solar technology.

Intriguing Innovations

Intersolar 2023 showcased a plethora of innovative products and concepts, with one standout being the integration of solar panels into doors and windows. These versatile panels enable seamless incorporation into daily life, offering practical applications such as solar doors, windows, and even flexible panels suitable for apartment balconies. Additionally, the event revealed advancements in the production of solar panels that can mimic certain colours, highlighting the growing possibilities in solar design and aesthetics.

Another groundbreaking innovation came from paXos Consulting & Engineering, the winner of the Power2drive award. They developed an efficient Cool-Load Megawatt (CLMW) charging plug capable of delivering up to twelve megawatts of power at an impressive 99.78 percent efficiency. This breakthrough technology paves the way for high-speed charging of electric trucks, buses, construction equipment, and heavy-duty marine and aviation applications.

Green Hydrogen and Promising Developments in Namibia

A workshop on Green Hydrogen led by Namibian delegates caught the attention of attendees. The workshop focused on utilizing unpopulated coastlines for renewable energy farms, demonstrating the country’s commitment to making Green Hydrogen a reality. Although this concept might seem ambitious, the Namibian delegation presented concrete steps they have already taken towards harnessing the potential of Green Hydrogen.

Captivating Trends

Roaming the halls of Intersolar, the GREEN team observed several captivating trends shaping the solar industry. The integration of solar energy into broader energy management systems emerged as a significant focus. This integration expands the possibilities for solar applications and fosters the development of exciting new innovations. Noteworthy trends included the emphasis on grid-tied solutions for battery charging, hybrid inverters like Victron’s lightweight option, and the proliferation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

South Africans at Intersolar

Although Intersolar primarily catered to the European market, the presence of numerous South Africans highlighted the nation’s interest in solar energy and the quest for solutions to electricity challenges. Many attendees from South Africa used the event as an opportunity to network and establish connections directly with manufacturers for purchasing solar equipment. While specific innovations tailored to South Africa were not evident, the exponential growth and advancement of the industry bode well for the local solar market.

Final Thoughts

Intersolar 2023 showcased the immense potential and widespread adoption of solar technology. The event highlighted the expansion of solar beyond traditional rooftop panels, with integration into doors, windows, and even apartment balconies. The focus on energy management solutions, EV charging, and innovative charging plugs illustrated the dynamic nature of the industry. South Africans interested in the growth of the local solar industry can look forward to attending the South African and African-centric Solar & Storage Show in 2024, a more accessible event that caters specifically to regional needs. Nevertheless, Intersolar 2024 promises to be an impressive platform for networking, learning, and discovering the latest advancements in solar energy, making it a worthwhile consideration for technology enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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