Quality accredited solar training in Durban in June

Last KZN training ahead of post-election surge

Are you based in Durban? Are you thinking of sending your staff for quality solar training at GREEN? Then we recommend you book that training for June or you’re going to have to wait until at least October because we’re going to be closed for renovations for a few months.

While it has been nice to have a break from loadshedding, we can’t shake the feeling that it is looming just over the horizon and we believe that the demand for solar is going to explode the instant our elections are over. If you want to be prepared to meet that demand, we want to encourage you to do your 5-day PV GreenCard training at the earliest date you can. Right now, that’s 10 to 14 June.

Book your professional PV GreenCard training in June before our KZN Academy closes for renovations.

What’s more, we all know we haven’t seen the last of the mind-boggling hikes in the electricity tariffs; savvy consumers who have perhaps adopted a “wait and see” approach to May 29 are doing their homework right now about what sort of system will put them in the best position to achieve the cost reductions they desperately need.

Of course, in line with an uptick in requests from clients to service providers for solar and backup systems, our own phones are going to start ringing off the hook as those same service providers seek to get trained and certified to meet the spike in demand.

Either way, we say take advantage of this quiet before the storm and be one step ahead of your competitors when that tsunami hits.


If you’ve never attended a training at GREEN Solar Academy KZN, we’d like to introduce you to the trainers who’ll be guiding you on your journey, and give you a bit of virtual tour of the premises.

Our Trainers

Anton Lotriet (far left) is our master trainer and the director of the KZN Academy. He is also the founder and director of one of the biggest and fastest-growing solar equipment suppliers in KZN.

Kobus Theron (left) is a Senior Electrician with over four decades of diverse experience, including heavy industry. He is also the founder of his own successful PV installation business.

Our Accreditation

Our standard 5-day PV GreenCard training is endorsed by the SA Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) and accumulates CPD Points validated by SAIEE as per ECSA policy. GREEN is also QCTO-accredited Skills Development Provider as well as being accredited by the German Solar Energy Society (DGS).

Our Facilities

Our academy offers a comfortable classroom and a huge practical area with three training roofs. Teaching systems available include pure grid-tied, DC-coupled grid-tied, AC-coupled grid-tied and hybrid. GREEN Solar Academy KZN has been a SAPVIA-endorsed Training and Assessment Centre since 2021. Catering is included in the cost of the course.

Ready to invest in yourself with accredited solar training?