Looking to purchase PV*SOL premium but want to conserve your company’s cashflow? GREEN Solar Academy now offers rent-to-own financing for this premium PV solar simulation software from Valentin.

Rent-to-own financing, or operating rental, defines the hiring or renting of various forms of equipment at low prices in order to reduce your capital spend. Operating rental also allows you to claim back the VAT portion of your rental cost every month.

We offer financing from as little as R1 676.86 ex VAT per month*, and repayment periods of 12 and 24 months. Following the repayment period, you will be billed one more installment for the ownership of the software to be transferred to you.

Plan and design better PV systems that seal the deal with PV*SOL premium. Get started today – email pvsol@solar-training.org for more information and a quotation.

What are the benefits of choosing operating rental to purchase PV*SOL premium software?

  • Allows for better budgeting of your rental equipment payment plans.
  • Helps you avoid lengthy administration processes, such as updating fixed asset register, depreciation and so on.
  • Shows an operating expense on your income statement instead of showing on your balance sheet as an asset or liability, which improves your company’s gearing and credit health.
  • Allows you to claim back the VAT portion of the rental every month.

* Prices correct as at today’s date. Alumni pricing over 24 months including 2-year annual maintenance plan