About Neal

Neal is an experienced banking representative, with an established track record of servicing the financial sector since 2013. He started his career as an Absa Graduate with a definite focus on credit analysis and intentionally paved his journey into deal solutions, client relationships, and structured finance roles, particularly within the Business Banking segment over the last 10 years. Investing in strong relationships through acute business acumen and building vested trust with his key stakeholders has allowed him to grow his brand within the industry, and further expand his intentions to be innovative in the sector.

His passion lies in solutioning businesses that are disruptors in the market. Finding bespoke solutions coupled with cash flow lending allows him to display his love for corporate finance.

Renewable energy is held very close to his heart, with his focus now being facilitating funding solutions within the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) leg of this new and exciting sector. His expertise now adds value to the strategic team within the New Sector Development sphere of Absa Relationship Banking.


  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours, Finance
  • Bachelor's Degree Finance, General