On completion of our 5-day SuperSolarSchool course, which is endorsed by SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association) as suitable preparation for those who wish to achieve their PV GreenCard, you receive a Certification of Completion. The certificate is recognised by GREEN, DGS (the German Solar Energy society) and notes the 5 CPD credits as per ECSA policy under SAIEE (South African Institute of Electrical Engineers). You do not receive a PV GreenCard on completion of your training.

What is the PV GreenCard Assessment?

The assessment is a separate entity entirely to the training. It is a 2-day test of practical and theoretical knowledge and takes place on site at an assessment centre of your choice, such as the GREEN Solar Academies in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban (Ballito). The PV GreenCard assessment involves one full day of practical and one half day of theory. Should you pass both portions of the assessment with more than 80%, SAPVIA will issue your PV GreenCard Certificate of Approval.

Once you have your certificate, your company will be eligible to register as a Certified PV GreenCard Installation Company on SAPVIA’s PV GreenCard website. Said company must also be registered as an electrical contractor with the DoEL.

A PV GreenCard certificate is issued in the name of a person, not a company. A company only needs one person to hold a PV GreenCard certificate to be eligible to register on the website, and we therefore recommend, particularly for small businesses, that the business owner themselves undergoes the recommended training and certification.

You can find SAPVIA’s PV Installation guidelines here; we also recommend visiting the PV GreenCard website to see what the whole programme is about.

Undergoing training (like our 5-Day SuperSolarSchool) prior to doing the PV GreenCard assessment is neither required nor mandatory at this stage, but it is highly recommended, and is invaluable for new entrants to solar energy, as well as for installers who mainly do the physical installations, for example, and who now want to firm up on their calculations and theory (for sizing of systems).

So what are the GREEN Online Exams?

There are two qualifications available – GREEN Installer and GREEN Designer. These multiple choice exams take place over scheduled weekends (view dates online) and solidify what you have learned in your SuperSolarSchool training. You also receive a certificate of achievement for successfully passing either of these exams, recognised by GREEN and DGS (German Solar energy Society), and this serves as additional certification to add to your portfolio. The exams cost R750 ex VAT each.