We’ve launched a new course called Solar 101 for those starting out in the solar industry.

We see Solar 101 both as a bridging course for those who want to eventually obtain the PV GreenCard but are not ready for the fast-paced SuperSolarSchool, as well as the ideal foundational course on PV for people in general, whether they work in solar or not.

You can assess your own readiness to attend either SuperSolarSchool or Solar 101with a short online self-assessment (click here:  ) that tests your maths and physics skills. If you struggle with the questions, the SuperSolarSchool is not the right course for you. Or perhaps it’s just not the right course for you right now. Then Solar 101 is the perfect alternative.

The main topics covered in this 3-day course are the basics of solar electricity, PV components, types of PV systems, introduction to protection and safety, installation, operation, and maintenance, renewable energy in South Africa, and the advantages of solar PV. A variety of role-play sales exercises are included to help participants understand the most common motivations and misconceptions they’ll encounter from clients looking to install solar.

“Solar 101 is a safe place where there’s no such thing as a stupid question! It’s the perfect course for people looking to join the industry who have no background knowledge and who want to learn everything from the very basics of what solar is.” Tsakani Mashila, GREEN Sales and Community Manager.

And what if specs on product datasheets and technical calculations will never be “your thing?” Well then, our suggestion is to follow Solar 101 with a 100% practical installation course, like the 2-day PV Mounter training, or the 1-day Financing of PV Systems course, where you will learn to calculate the financial viability of solar systems.

Come and find your space in SA’s fastest-growing industry. Check out a review from a participant of the launch course and if it sounds like the right starting place for you, go ahead and register online: https://solar-training.org/events/58-solar-101/region-ZA/ The next training takes place from 4 to 6 July in Johannesburg and the cost is R6 900 ex VAT.

For more info, or assistance finding your way around our other trainings, contact GREEN Solar Academy at +27 (0) 10 312 6724 or info@solar-training.org

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