Steady growth and an expanding industry

GREEN Solar Academy statistics on training and equipping solar installers

While the company name may have changed over the years GREEN Solar Academy has been dedicated to the training and equipping of solar installers in South Africa for close to a decade now. We are proud to see the growth of the industry in South Africa and are excited about how our contributions could make the market stronger and create more skilled and qualified installers.

Our SuperSolarSchool course, a course dedicated to teaching the basics and getting you equipped to take your first steps into the solar industry, has seen exponential growth since its inception in 2016. From having 95 participants in 2016 to over 350 participants in 2020 we are excited to see what 2021 has to offer, as we have trained just over 200 participants before mid-year.

Another proud moment for GREEN Solar Academy has been the number of participants taking part in the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Assessment (click here to find out more about the assessment and PV GreenCard). There has been steady growth from just 10s to over a hundred installers who participate in the assessment every year. As more and more installers take part in this assessment and become qualified, GREEN is confident in the increased quality of service and strength of the solar industry in South Africa.

With our experience training 3373 participants and 331 SAPVIA PV assessment participants, as well as four academies in South Africa, GREEN’s participation in the growth of the solar industry over the last decade has made us incredibly excited about the future of solar in the country. We are eager to assist, not only in the growth of potential installers in South Africa, but the creation of a network that brings together skills, industry and installers.

Join GREEN Solar Academy and become part of a connected network dedicated to the growth and expansion of the solar industry in South Africa.