Will you really save money by installing your commercial PV solar system? How long will it take until you break even? How does finance and solar work together? Are you truly creating power free of charge courtesy of the sun? These questions, and many others, are answered in our new 1-Day advanced course in Financing of PV Solar Systems.

Learn how to calculate the financial viability of Photovoltaic SSEG systems from the masters, Dr Phillip Olivier, founder and CEO of Olivia Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd; and Vishay Rabbipal, head of Renewable Energy at ABSA. Come prepared with a good knowledge of the different types of solar systems, a sharp mind, and a sharp pencil and get to grips with the financing of solar PV in just one day.

GREEN Solar Academy held our first ever Financing of PV Systems course on 26 August 2021 at the Parktonian Hotel in Johannesburg. Dr. Philip Olivier and Vishay Rabbipal held the course with 7 eager and excited participants. The participants were involved in a multitude of working fields such as sales, solar installation, project management, and more. And they all came ready to learn about the mysteries of finance in solar PV.

Some content highlights for the participants were the sections focused on calculating the financial viability of PV systems, understanding tax benefits of PV systems, and financing of PV projects (which was presented by ABSA’s Vishay Rabbipal). The course was full of periods of in-depth discussion, as each participant was given a chance to ask questions on the different topics in the course, and Dr. Olivier and Vishay were able to answer them all.

Vishay’s involvement in the course is a big sign of what is to come for solar installers in the future. ABSA has taken a vested interest in the financing of PV systems and has started to develop its own procedures and standards for financing PV systems, both commercial and residential. ABSA does its own plausibility simulations, pricing benchmark, solar tech standard check, installer vetting, and more. Vishay was able to go deeper into all these aspects of financing PV systems in the course and even presented some examples of successful clients of ABSA’s PV financing. The participants found his presentation enlightening and got connected with Vishay through this course.

After all the discussion, shared knowledge, and feedback it is clear that this course is crucial for the future of any solar PV business in South Africa. Financing a PV system is a huge part of selling a solar solution to a client and the big banks are catching on to this fact. So, join GREEN Solar Academy and get equipped to handle every part of your solar PV business from installation and customer relations, to the financing of PV systems.

If you are a solar PV business owner, a solar engineer or technician, salesperson, or project manager wanting to have a greater understanding of financing PV systems and how to explain this to your potential clients, join us for our next Financing of PV Systems course on 28 October.

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