Training solar installers has been our sole focus for over a decade; we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sharing our extensive experience in the design and installation of safe, effective PV solar systems.

The best part about being in business for as long as we have is being around to witness how the solar installers, we have trained have gone on to build successful solar installation companies, who in turn send their new staff to GREEN for training. And for us, there is no greater evidence of the trust the industry places in GREEN as a training provider.

We’ve given some long hard thought to what it takes to still be at the top of our game after 10 years – and here’s what we’ve come up with:

  1. GREEN was around before the boom, and we’ll be around after the boom

GREEN (as maxx-solar academy) was offering solar training to South Africa’s solar pioneers long before mainstream interest in the technology took off. When the PV GreenCard programme was established, we adapted our world-class solar training to meet the outcomes and objectives of the prescribed training for the programme. And once all Africa’s installers have been trained in the fundamentals, GREEN will still be around to offer advanced training on specialized subjects pertinent to installers of solar energy.

  1. International Methods, Local Flavour

Our courses conform to exacting German standards adapted to local conditions. The training programme was developed by a German-South African team, adapting existing DGS Solarschool Thuringia training programmes that were successfully offered in Germany, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, for South African conditions. And as we open academies in other African countries, we similarly tailor the content to reflect the solar industry in that region.

  1. Our trainers come from the industry…

Our trainers are all experienced solar installers themselves, with their own businesses, so they not only understand the technology that is solar PV but also what it takes to operate a successful solar company in SA. Did THEY make mistakes when they first started out? You bet they did, but they’re going to share with you where they went wrong and what they do properly now so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. One of our trainers, Dennis Wiredu Asare, director of GREEN Solar Academy Ghana, has recently been named a Sub-Saharan Africa Region Young Energy Professional of the Year for 2022 by the Association of Energy Engineers.

  1. …and we teach THEM how to teach YOU

We pay attention not only to what’s on the slide but also to how it is presented. That’s why all our trainers are carefully selected and trained, on an ongoing basis. They not only possess the technical knowledge but also the ability to transfer that knowledge in an interesting and interactive way, and facilitate and optimize the learning process of every participant. You can be confident that the learning materials, methods, and standards remain constant no matter which of our academies around Africa you choose for your instruction.

GREEN team Vivian and Antje
  1. Our academies boast cutting-edge components to train on

Our academies around South Africa and in several African countries are all equipped with the very latest solar components for installers to practice on. GREEN has fostered longstanding partnerships with the major manufacturers and distributors of solar modules, inverters, batteries, and BOS materials so that you learn on only the most current equipment that you can actually go out and purchase afterward for your own installations have seen in operation. You can view a full list of our technology partners on our website:

  1. In-person, practical, hands-on training

There’s a place for online learning but the practical installation of solar systems is not it. GREEN trainings effectively combine a mix of theoretical and hands-on instruction which includes spending time doing an actual install on our custom-built training roofs; you learn about the best way to approach different roofing materials and get to attach the mounting structure, modules, cables, and inverter.

  1. We keep it FRESH

The content of GREEN’s 5-day SuperSolarSchool course, which is endorsed training under SAPVIA’s PV GreenCard programme, is constantly being reviewed and refreshed to ensure you are knowledgeable and compliant with the latest standards, regulations, and innovations in solar and energy storage. GREEN has also developed several advanced training courses for installers to pursue once they’ve got the basics down, including the Commercial PV Design course and the Financing of PV Systems course.

  1. We connect the industry

We connect installers to each other, to the industry, and to the quality products via the GREENetwork. We do this by connecting our alumni, the name we give installers and organizations who have participated in our trainings, via our exclusive groups on social media and messaging platforms, and inviting them to join us frequently at live and online networking events and panel discussions. Opportunities abound for collaboration on projects, work-skills training, getting the low-down on new brands, or troubleshooting a particularly pesky error message.

What is the GREEN Solar Academy Alumni Meeting?
  1. We go beyond training installers

GREEN’s activities extend beyond professional installer training and into the areas of consulting and project management. Two projects which stand over the past couple of years are the eLearning course called Off-Grid PV Technician which we developed for ADRA in Ethiopia, as part of their Blended Green Energy TVET Learning Platform, and the Solar Training Centre we set up in conjunction with Valentin Software at Takoradi Technical University in Ghana. Both of these projects really heavily on our international connections, as funding for both was realized through the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

  1. It’s not just what we do … it’s why we do it

GREEN stands for Global Renewable Energy & Efficiency Network. Together – that’s the keyword, together, as a network – we are pursuing the goal of training many people, helping them find employment, and thus making a noticeable contribution to climate protection and the global energy turnaround. We are building up the solar industry all over Africa and see the continent emerging as the world leaders in the generation of clean, reliable, cost-effective electricity. At our core, we believe solar has the power to change lives, attract investors and create jobs, and we strive to make renewable energy accessible for all.

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So there you have it, our top ten list of why we’re still leading the rooftop revolution after a decade. Are you looking for professional solar training? GREEN understands that different people need different trainings, and has a course that matches your requirements and skill level. Visit our course guide ( to get started on your learning journey.

For more information on GREEN or solar training, in particular, reach out to us at +27 (0) 10 312 6724 or