Take the exam to get a Certificate of Achievement issued by GREEN Solar Academy and the German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V. Participation in the online exam is ONLY possible after attending an advanced level GREEN or maxx training course, e.g. the SuperSolarSchool
  • 09
    2 days, Fri 6:00 PM CAT - Sun 6:00 PM CAT
    • R750.00 excl. VAT
  • 08
    2 days, Fri 6:00 PM CAT - Sun 6:00 PM CAT
    • R750.00 excl. VAT
  • 24
    2 days, Fri 6:00 PM CAT - Sun 6:00 PM CAT
    • R750.00 excl. VAT
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GREEN PV Installer

Successful participation in this online exam qualifies you to become a GREEN PV Installer. This qualification is especially relevant when you want to perform the physical installation of PV solar systems.

This exam will ensure you understand the physical properties and correct handling of all your components, including mounting structures and cabling, and is great preparation for the 2-Day PV GreenCard assessment. This exam covers topics taught on Day 1, 2 and 3 of the SuperSolarSchool.

You will be tested on:

  • Solar radiation
  • Mounting solutions for different roof types and optimal orientation of PV modules; you will also need to draw a schematic of a solar PV grid-tied system
  • Correct handling, mounting and connection of PV modules
  • Best cabling practices
  • Selecting the ideal site for the inverter, and when to select landscape versus portrait mounting of modules
  • Calculating the number of modules and BOS materials required for a site

The exam is good preparation for the SAPVIA PV Assessment for the PV GreenCard.

The idea of this assessment is to apply the knowledge gained during the courses and while working in the field. This should give you good feedback about where you stand when it comes to PV; at the same time, the exam should ensure your expertise and knowledge and show you where you have potential gaps you need to work on in future.


  • The exam usually takes place the weekend after a SuperSolarSchool.
  • Registration must be completed 2 weeks before the exam by making a payment


  • The exam is taken online.
  • You will receive an email on payment of your exam fee
  • The email will contain your login credentials to access the exam on our portal; however, you will only be able gain access to the portal on the Thursday morning prior to the date of the exam.
  • You will have the entire weekend to answer the questions, but the exam should not take you more than two hours in total.
  • You will have until 6pm on a Sunday night to complete your online exam and click SUBMIT.

What are you allowed to use during the exam?
Anything from books, PC, calculators, your training material.

Available exams:
GREEN PV Installer and GREEN PV Designer. SuperSolarSchool participants can either choose between the two exams or take both at once (recommended).

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement issued by GREEN and the German Solar Energy Society DGS e.V. if you pass (>50%).

Fee: R863 (R750 excl. VAT) per exam, 10% discount when you are doing both exams.


Participation in ourSuperSolarSchool.