• Principes des systèmes PV

    À votre rythme - 2 à 3 jours
    Un cours d'apprentissage en ligne gratuit sur les bases de l'énergie solaire photovoltaïque. Il s'agit d'un cours de transition idéal pour ceux qui estiment que le rythme de la SuperSolarSchool est trop élevé pour les débutants. Les participants peuvent travailler sur le matériel de cours à leur propre rythme.
  • Principles of PV Systems

    Self-paced - 2 to 3 Days
    A free online e-learning course in the foundations of PV solar power. This is an ideal bridging course for those who feel that the pace of the SuperSolarSchool may be too advanced for beginners. Participants can work through the course material at their own pace.
  • PVA Prep Course

    1 day
    1-Day refresher course for installers who have previously completed solar training. Recommended preparation for the PV GreenCard Assessment to update basic knowledge and installation best practice.
    From R2,900.00
  • Testing Payment

    From R10.00
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  • Theoretical PV Assesment

    2.5 hours
    Theoretical SAPVIA PV Assessment for the PV GreenCard Installer qualification.
    From R900.00
  • Working at heights

    1 day
    Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at heights.
    From R620.00
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  • Starter

  • PV Mounter

    2 days
    Hands-on training for PV installers: What's essential when installing PV systems, practically taught in 2 days.
    From R4,312.00
    Cape Town 16 Jul
  • Solar 101

    3 days
    Understand solar PV principles with a course that covers all the basics of solar from a non-technical perspective. No calculations, no preknowledge needed!
    From R6,072.00
  • Solar Business Management

    2 days
    This course is a crash course on business management, especially for small and medium sized solar company owners.
    From R6,072.00
  • Sunrise Off-Grid

    2 days
    The Sunrise course introduces its participants to the basics of solar power (photovoltaic) and provides them with a foundational understanding of the industry.
    From R4,900.00