Benefits of short courses in solar energy

Short Courses, Big Results: Fast-Track Professional Development

Short professional courses offer a practical and efficient way for busy, employed individuals to stay competitive, advance their careers, and adapt to the evolving demands of their industries.

Short professional courses and university degrees serve different purposes and cater to different needs. Degree programmes typically span several years, and have more stringent entry requirements, whereas short courses provide targeted, specific skills in a relatively short amount of time and are open to individuals with relevant work experience or a basic educational background.

Of course, the choice between pursing a degree or a certificated short course will depend on your individual goals, career objectives, and the specific skills or qualifications required in a particular field. Some individuals may find that a combination of both types of education best meets their needs throughout their career.

Short courses provide immediate, practical benefits

From GREEN’s point of view, as a provider of short courses in solar for professionals, we see our training as providing immediate, practical benefits by enhancing specific skills or knowledge relevant to a particular job or industry. Our courses are also suitable for individuals looking to upskill or make a quick career change. Let’s go over some of the other benefits of short courses:

They are designed to be time-efficient, spanning from one day to five days in the case of our solar trainings. This structure allows busy professionals to acquire new skills without too much disruption to their work schedule.

We tailor our short courses to focus on specific skills or topics that are relevant to your career. This approach allows you to target areas that enhance your job performance or open up new opportunities. What’s more, our advanced short courses allow individuals to choose specific topics based on their needs, providing a tailored learning path.


Practical instruction on specially-designed training roofs

Learn to wire for PV on actual components

You become part of a global solar network

Short courses bring together professionals from different organizations, fostering invaluable networking opportunities. This allows busy individuals to connect with peers, instructors, and industry experts. GREEN Solar Academy emphasizes networking through its GREEN Alumni Network, Africa’s largest solar installer network. The network brings together installers new and seasoned, product manufacturers and suppliers, and industry policy makers, offering opportunities to learn and collaborate.


And your trainers? They are all active in the industry installing solar themselves, and many are also licenced electricians, so the knowledge transferred to you is as current as you could ever hope for.

Short courses are generally more affordable than traditional degree programs, offering a cost-effective option for individuals with limited resources or time for extensive academic commitments. They further promote a culture of continuous learning, allowing busy professionals to engage in ongoing education, stay updated on industry trends, and maintain a competitive edge in the evolving job market.

Africa’s largest solar installer network is waiting to welcome you

Basic to advanced courses, for technical and non-technical people

Training recognised internationally

Learning new skills and engaging in professional development through short courses can contribute to increased job satisfaction. This provides a sense of achievement and positively impacts career growth. And for those pursuing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, GREEN’s short courses offering CPD points by SAIEE under ECSA policy offer a valuable avenue for meeting ongoing education or membership requirements.

Our courses are accredited by DGS (the German Solar Energy Society) and our 5-day SuperSolarSchool training, a mix of theory and practical learning, is endorsed by SAPVIA as suitable preparation for solar installers want to undergo the PV GreenCard Assessment.

If you’ve set your sights on a career in solar energy, why not do it properly from the beginning! Get the right foundational training with GREEN Solar Academy and become part of our dynamic Alumni network by booking your first course. Visit our course guide for more information on the right learning journey for you.