Women’s Day 2021

HIDDEN GEMS – A Women’s Month Challenge for MEN

A Women’s Month Campaign that speaks to men? That’s right!

In years gone by, we’ve endeavoured to reach women directly, but considering that our alumni network of installers is over 90% male, we’ve decided to task YOU with unearthing the HIDDEN GEMS in our midst: a colleague, a daughter, a wife or friend who would be brilliant in a PV business.

And we will reward you for doing so!

We want to get the message out there that solar is about far more than installation​ and shed some light on the variety of jobs that are available in solar; women bring a different energy and talent for certain tasks in the PV industry that can add real value to any business.

Far from taking jobs away from their male colleagues, women in the solar industry can and do fill the gaps in roles that possibly aren’t being done as effectively by their male counterparts, or where employers are struggling to find the right person for the task, for instance in finance, system design, and sales.

So, how does the HIDDEN GEMS Challenge work?
Simple: the person who encourages the most women (or what we like to call Most Valued Females) to sign up for any one of our courses during July or August 2021 will be in line to win some really cool prizes from companies like Fronius, SMA, Victron, emerce, Valentin Software and Jinko!

Can only men be entered into the HIDDEN GEMS Challenge prize draw?
Not at all! If your recommendation encouraged another woman to register for one of our trainings, let us know! We would LOVE to reward you too.


Women get 30% OFF any course booked and paid for during July and August, even if the course takes place at a later date. We have courses scheduled right up until December – choose the dates and venue that suit you.
And any man who books along with a female partner will ALSO get 30% OFF the price of that course!

Which courses can be booked with the HIDDEN GEMS Discount?
You can choose from ANY of our trainings taking place this year, as long as you book and pay by 31 August 2021.

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The discounts apply to our trainings across the board, from the internationally-recognised SuperSolarSchool foundation course to the advanced Commercial PV System Designer Course and the PV Financing Course!

Keep an eye on the GREEN Social Academy social media channels for regular updates on the HIDDEN GEMS Challenge.

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